13 Flaming Disneyland Hot Takes

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Flynn Rider having tons of swords pointed at him in Tangled

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Disney fans have recently come together to share their most blazing Disneyland hot takes, and some will genuinely leave your jaw dropped on the floor.

Mickey Mouse at Toontown in Disneyland Resort
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Everyone has a favorite Disney Park. For some, you can’t be the grandeur of Walt Disney World Resort. Others may prefer the incredible theming within Tokyo DisneySea. Or maybe you just love Disneyland Paris for some reason. There’s no judgment here!

Still, it’s hard to beat the pure magic of the original Disneyland. Setting foot in the first park that Walt built is magical, and getting to experience the initial versions of classic attractions is particularly special. Yes, Magic Kingdom may be bigger, but Disneyland was first.

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That being said, nothing is perfect or without criticism. In fact, some people may have completely different opinions when it comes to the best aspects of the park. This was very much the case when someone on the Disneyland subreddit asked for everyone’s “flaming Disneyland hot takes.”

Naturally, it only made sense to gather the hottest of takes and see which rings true for the most people. So, let’s take a look at the spiciest hot takes that Disneyland guests, cast members, and fans have to offer.

The Fantasyland Dark Rides Are “Half-Effort” Attractions

Peter Pan's Flight at Disneyland
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The whole “hot take” conversation started with a doozy: the iconic Fantasyland dark rides aren’t good, especially compared to other larger rides in the park.

“Are you telling me the billions and billions of dollars Disney has, and they can’t do a bit better on their Fantasyland rides? I went on some just for nostalgia, and it just seems like a project that screams ‘half-effort.’ Bring me into that world. Let me leave Anaheim behind.”

Credit: Disney

The original poster continued, “When I’m on Pirates [of the Caribbean], or Space [Mountain], or Haunted [Mansion], or (before it closed) Splash [Mountain], I’m immersed into that world. Having animatronics bad lip-syncing and going into very tight circles to simulate running just seems so…low effort.”

While some commenters agreed that the rides could be updated, they pointed out how difficult it would be from a PR perspective and logistically. “Fantasyland dark rides are small, old, and in some cases on top of each other or share the same show building. It makes upgrades incredibly difficult.”

Parades and Fireworks Are Overrated

Wondrous Journeys fireworks over Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland
Credit: Disney

Disneyland truly feels like it has something for everyone, including rides, merchandise, delicious food, and exciting shows. But for some people, the parades and fireworks just aren’t worth it. “Sitting on a curb for an hour+ to get ‘good seats’ for parades/fireworks is NOT worth it.”

Of all the hot takes, this was the one most people seemed to agree with, saying things like, “I don’t care for the parades at all,” and “Parades are stupid. I’ll die on this hill.” One person one-upped the original commenter by revealing they witnessed people waiting over three hours to get a good seat for a parade.

Hotels Around Disneyland Are Bad, Including Disney Hotels

The monorail passes the front of the Grand Californian
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One hot take that became a significant point of discussion was how inadequate the different hotels around Disneyland were, even if they were run by Disney, with some even comparing them to the cheapest options in Las Vegas.

“The hotel options near the park are terrible. Most of them are overpriced Motel 6 quality. Even the resort hotels are showing their age. The ambiance of the Grand Californian is nice, but the rooms aren’t any better than the Best Westerns I’ve stayed at.”

One person wanted to take things further and completely rebuild the entire neighborhood. “I wish they could just bulldoze most of the hotels on Harbor and build new ones. That sounds horrible, but most of them are still old and stinky, even with updates.”

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But the biggest complaint over the different hotels surrounding Disneyland Resort was the prices. No matter where you were staying, costs were going to be exorbitant. Surprisingly, this isn’t the case at every Disney Park.

“We took a trip to DW and were blown away at how much cheaper hotels are, how easy and convenient the free transportation is, and how the food is so much cheaper because of the plethora of quick-serve options. We were cost-comparing a week in March, and there was no real comparison.”

‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Should Take Over Haunted Mansion All Year Long

Haunted Mansion Holiday at Disneyland, featuring a pumpkin scarecrow dressed as santa claus
Credit: Disney

Another one of the spiciest takes is directed at one of Disneyland’s most beloved rides: the Haunted Mansion. Around Halloween and Christmas, the Mansion is overrun by the citizens of Halloweentown and turned into the Haunted Mansion Holiday. And according to one fan, it should stay that way. “I wish the Nightmare Before Christmas Haunted Mansion overlay was a year-round thing.”

Of all the hot takes, this was the one that got fans the most heated, meaning that the poster did the job right! However, the most surprising response came from a Haunted Mansion Cast Member. “The battle we Haunted Mansion cast members have with each other. There are literal sides chosen within the cast members over this.”

Turkey Legs Are Gross

Turkey Legs
Credit: Disney

If there’s one thing that Disneyland guests love to talk about, it’s the food. Everyone has their own opinion about what the best meal is and which items are a must-have whenever you visit the park. For me, it’s always the turkey leg. However, it seems there are plenty of people who disagree.

Plenty of people echoed the sentiments of “turkey legs are bland and overpriced” and “I don’t know why it’s such a hyped-up food item. They’re dry!” One even observed that “They’re either dry or you go home with turkey juice on your shoes. No in-between.”

Disney California Adventure is Better Now Than Before

Disney California Adventure beore a storm hits
Credit: rikioscamera / Flickr

Disney California Adventure received a ton of flack when it first opened for not having enough rides and being a California-themed amusement park in the middle of Southern California. However, some sentiment has changed since DCA transitioned into the Marvel and Pixar Park. That being said, some people still think it’s better now than before.

One commenter aggressively said, “People complain that California Adventure is currently thematically inconsistent, but its most consistent theme back in the 2000s is that it f****** sucked.

Another person wholeheartedly agreed, saying, “I don’t understand the California Adventure nostalgia. Do folks not remember how awful the park was when it opened?! There are a couple of things I miss… But when the best part of your day is getting a free hot tortilla, it means the park sucks.”

…Except for Getting Rid of Tower of Terror

Tower of Terror lit up on a cloudy night
Credit: Disney

Many things have changed at Disney California Adventure since it opened in 2001, and most of the changes are good. But the most controversial change was removing the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. And while some of the commenters seemed to appreciate Guardians of the Galaxy- Mission: BREAKOUT, they don’t think it’s a worthy replacement.

“Tower of Terror was/is better than Mission Breakout on all levels,” said one commenter. “I didn’t think this was a hot take, but lately, I’ve heard otherwise.” “I giggle to myself whenever I see Mission: BREAKOUT from the highway,” said another. “It looks more like a nuclear power plant than something from a superhero universe.”

Avengers Campus and Guardians of the Galaxy -- Mission: BREAKOUT! at Disneyland Resort
Credit: Disney

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However, not everyone agreed with the sentiment. “Definitely a hot take,” said one supportive contrarian. “Tower of Terror was pretty great, and I still call it that to this day, but the music and theme of the current ride hit it out of the park.”

Another was much more adamant in their opinion, saying, “Can’t relate. Personally, I hated the theming of the Tower of Terror. Mission: BREAKOUT is more fun.”

Disneyland Isn’t for Babies

Bandit dressed as a baby with Bluey and Bingo
Credit: Ludo Studio

Disneyland is meant to be a place for families to take a day and forget about their worries while enjoying some wholesome entertainment. However, some people agreed that one demographic shouldn’t be allowed in the park: babies.

“Disneyland is not for babies,” stated the original poster. “I’m not saying it’s not for children. But it’s not for infants. Wait until your children are at least two years old so they might enjoy some of what’s going on around them. Otherwise, please wait to bring your infants.”

While there were debates regarding how old someone should be for their first trip to Disneyland, a contingency of parents jumped in with a single message: it’s not for them; it’s for us! Ultimately, it’s hard to argue against bringing someone who gets into the park for free.

The Worst Disneyland Ride is Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters

Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters
Credit: Disney

When people talk about the worst rides at Disneyland, the same subjects usually come up: Astro Orbiter, Autopia, Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage, and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. However, commenters in the Reddit thread put forth a new contender: Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters.

The first commenter got directly to the point, saying, “Astro Blasters needs some refurbishment cause half of the blasters don’t work properly, and the pics are horrible.”

Multiple commenters agreed with the photography issue, saying things like “Pics are definitely shot on a potato,” “It’s like an early 2000s flip phone camera,” and “The pics would be improved if they replaced the cameras with Nintendo 3DS cameras.” However, the best critique called back a previously mentioned hot take, saying, “The lenses are smeared with turkey juice.”

Tomorrowland Should Be Completely Scrapped

Tomorrowland at Disneyland at Night
Credit: Disney

In the previous section, you may notice that most of the worst rides in Disneyland Resort reside in Tomorrowland. This has led to many commenters suggesting that Tomorrowland as we know it should be scrapped altogether, with one person calling it “Yesterdayland.”

One fan specifically called out DisneylandForward, saying, “$60 billion to spend, and it’s not going to update Tomorrowland?? It’s like walking through an empty mall now.” Many people agreed with this sentiment, with multiple people voting to get rid of every single ride in the area, except for “Space Mountain and maybe Star Tours.”

Tomorrowland Sky Terrace at Disneyland at night
Credit: Disney

Another person agreed that Space Mountain should stay, but it also needs an update. “The entire land needs to be flattened and rebuilt from there; the only thing that deserves to stay is Space Mountain, and even then, the queue could use a remodel since it’s arguably one of the worst queues for an E-ticket. They could bring back the escalator entrance and have its entire second story be a well-themed indoor queue.”

However, one person truly dissented, simply saying, “No, Space Mountain needs to go, too.” While this comment received a massive amount of downvotes, one person agreed, saying, “I fully agree! They should rip the bandaid off and do it now.”

The Worst Part of Disneyland? The Toilet Paper.

Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland
Credit: Disney, Inside The Magic

In general, if you ask people to complain about anything, they’ll find something. But one of the most surprising complaints was weirdly specific: “Toilet paper. Disney does so many things right and pays so much attention to quality, and then all the bathrooms have just awful one-ply toilet paper.”

While this seems like a common complaint for any theme park, people actually came out of the woodwork to defend Disney in this situation. “I agree, but somebody told me it’s because their plumbing is really old and can’t handle nicer toilet paper.”

This was confirmed by a separate commenter, who said, “I was chatting with a custodial cast member, and they told me that there had been a lot of plumbing issues because all the pipes are from the 50s. And it’s not like they can rip apart rides just for the sewer lines.”

Splash Mountain Being Replaced is a Good Thing

Credit: Disney

One of the most controversial topics about Disney Parks has been the removal of Splash Mountain. One of the most iconic rides in Disney history, people around the world have been lamenting the change from Splash Mountain to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. However, some Disney fans have come forward to defend the decision.

“I feel like most of the enjoyment for me is just from the historical aspect, but Splash Mountain was BROKEN. There were so many animatronics that were missing, stuck in B mode, or literally just frozen, not to mention the spotty lighting. I’m really glad it’s getting redone, especially into The Princess and the Frog (2009), because literally, no one has any connection to Song of the South (1946) outside of Splash Mountain.”

Tickets Should Be More Expensive

Credit: Inside The Magic

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Needless to say, this Reddit page was filled with the hottest of takes, some that didn’t even make this list. That being said, there was one complaint that was common amongst everyone: the park gets way too crowded. While that’s definitely an issue, it is not a hot take. What is a hot take is one commenter’s solution: “Tickets should cost more so max capacity can be lower.”

With tickets already costing well over $100 for single park entry, that seems like a lot to ask, especially for a place Walt Disney wanted accessible to everyone. Indeed, there must be other ways of managing the ridiculous crowds because making Disneyland more exclusive is just a way to decrease the company’s overall audience.

What’s your wildest Disneyland hot take? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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