Disney Immediately Halts All Ticket Sales at Park

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Someone holds up two Disney Park tickets in front of the Disneyland Railroad

Credit: Taylor Gregory via Unsplash

In the past, there have been multiple ways to purchase a ticket to Disney.

Let’s say you were planning on attending Walt Disney World Resort and wanted to go to Magic Kingdom. You could go on their website and buy a ticket, purchase one on your My Disney Experience app, call Disney services and purchase one over the phone, or just buy one or more tickets at the actual theme park itself. Although most people purchase the tickets before arrival, it is always convenient to know there is a last-ditch effort if needed.

Someone holds up two Disney Park tickets in front of the Disneyland Railroad
Credit: Taylor Gregory via Unsplash

At Walt Disney World Resort, Guests have access to nearly everything they need at their fingertips (literally, My Disney Experience can help you accomplish nearly anything you need). There are four incredible theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT, as well as two water parks: Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon, and the currently closed Disney’s Blizzard Beach, as well as Disney Springs.

That is all just scratching the surface because guests can also enjoy the 25+ resorts on property, golf, mini golf, visit ESPN Wide World of Sports, and so much more. The large theme park mogul is plotted on a size of land that is equivalent to San Francisco — which means the theme park is truly its own functioning city. Knowing this, it is important to help guests navigate through the complex vacation that Disney can become.

disneyland paris tickets
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This is especially helpful for tourists who made a last-minute decision to visit a Disney park, or perhaps may not be as comfortable with the other ticket-purchasing systems. Buying something on an app can be confusing to many, especially if they are older or have a language barrier. Something we all understand is that if you have to pay to enter a location, you typically buy your ticket right before the entry point. We do this at museums, movie theaters, and just about every theme park in the world — no matter the size.

Now, Disneyland Paris is making a change that will affect thousands of guests every year.

Recently, things at Disneyland Paris have certainly become a little dicey. Crowds have been big enough for the theme park to tell guests to leave at 3:00 p.m. if they do not want to deal with it. Of course, this means missing the majority of your theme park day and is not conducive to those who purchased a costly ticket to enter Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios Park.

closed gates of Disneyland Paris
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There is also an ongoing bed bug epidemic in Paris, threatening Disneyland Paris guests. On top of that, room cleanliness has been a huge issue, with garbage and mold being found on multiple occasions in their hotels. In addition, air conditioning units have also been reported broken.

Entertainment is shrinking as well.

Now, guests will no longer get to see “Dream… and Shine Brighter” and “Disney D-Light” as it has ended, meaning a chunk of entertainment is gone. Of course, this left many Disneyland Paris guests devastated, as parades are an essential part of the Disney park experience.

A large crowd with their hands up inside of Disneyland Paris
Credit: Disneyland Paris

Also, “The “Disney Jr. Dream Factory” will close its doors temporarily from September 25 to October 20, 2023.

This will not be the only show to experience downtime, as “TOGETHER: a Pixar Musical Adventure” will not be performed from Nov 6 to Dec 15, 2023, and “The Lion King: Rhythms of the Pride Lands” and “Frozen: a Musical Invitation” is also on hiatus until October 21, 2023.

Disneyland Paris has also banned receipts and has removed all park maps from the parks, meaning guests have no choice but to use their phones while visiting.

disneyland paris map
Credit: Disney

Park maps can be acquired if asked about, but as many guests do not know that, many have never been to either park and have been stuck playing the guessing game.

Now, ticketing systems are being moved to online for the majority of purposes, which means that Disneyland Paris is no longer advertising that they can be bought at the theme parks, much like their maps.

DLP Report shared the disappearance of the old signage.

With ticketing systems moving to online only for most purposes, the “Tickets” sign has been changed to “Welcome”.

Many people rely upon signage at all the Disney parks. This helps them know where to enter, where to catch a bus, how long a wait time is for a ride, where the bathrooms are, and so on. It allows guests to help direct themselves around the parks. Now, not only can they not do that without a phone as they do not have a map, but the confusion for those looking to purchase tickets at the gate will surely skyrocket as there is nothing they can be directed to.

Disneyland Tickets
Credit: Hip To Save

Guests are understandably not happy with these changes. One replied, “Absolutely insane that they used the pandemic as an excuse to stop doing very basic/required things for a park, like selling tickets or providing park maps. No excuses for it,” while another said, “This is crazy !!!!!”.

Overall, it seems Disneyland Paris is eliminating all forms of paper, even if it is a fault to the overall guest experience.

Last month, we also announced that Disneyland Resort has ceased all new sales of the Inspire Key, which was the only available tier for guests to purchase a new Magic Key Pass to the Southern California Disney Park.

This decision means all new Magic Key Passes sales have ceased until further notice. However, renewals for current Magic Key holders within their renewal window are still available, per the official Disneyland Resort website.

The cease of all new Magic Key Pass sales follows the latest update on a lawsuit that will force Disney to pay a $9.5M settlement fund in reparations to a Magic Key holder dispute for “deceptive business practices.” However, there is no official confirmation that the cease of new Magic Key Pass sales and the lawsuit are related.

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