Disney Should Listen To Guests’ “Hot Takes”

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There has been a great deal of discussion concerning Disney listening to its fans, and even Josh D’Amaro is finally getting the message. The Disney Parks have changed so much in the past two years that they’ve almost become unrecognizable compared to their glory days.

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We’ve seen the return of old classics like the Walt Disney World Railroad, and we’ve even been promised new rides and attractions like the upcoming Tron coaster, but does Disney really know what its customers want? A recent Reddit post concerning Guests “hot takes” on the Parks has revealed how modern visitors’ tastes feel about Walt Disney World’s conditions. While there are certainly more than a few individuals who want things to return to the way things were when they first visited as children, some have brought up some very interesting takeaways concerning the more recent alterations.

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Many Guests share a similar train of thought concerning the popularity of the four Parks that make up Walt Disney World. While the Magic Kingdom is and always has been the poster child for the resort, many Guests disagree and state that other lands need more respect.

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u/GIVE_LEBEL shows their support of Disney’s Animal Kingdom by writing,

“Animal Kingdom is the actual best Park in WDW. I love MK a lot, and I enjoy DHS and EPCOT, but DAK has such a unique beauty to it that it can’t be beat. It’s also arguably the most mature theme park, having attractions that tend to lean more towards older Guests. Everest, Kali, Dinosaur, and Flight of Passage owe themselves to incredible experiences you cannot find anywhere else.”

The user certainly isn’t wrong in their description, and many replies agree with them, but what’s even more remarkable is the amount of shade being tossed in Magic Kingdom’s direction. While it’s far from the worst place to spend your Disney vacation, many Guests are absolutely tearing it to pieces.

u/Visible_Nectarine_98 adds,

“MK is the worst park of the four and only the favorite of people that haven’t been to Disneyland. AK is the best of all the US parks.”

To which u/carolinejay replies with a surprisingly good point,

“Yup, if you look at individual experiences Disneyland wins most of the time. I’d say table service options are more varied at WDW but not necessarily better. Disneyland has way more charm and detail than MK. Especially in the hub. The hub at MK is pretty bad.”

Everyone is going to have their favorite Park, no questions about it, but could Disney give more attention to its unsung heroes? Hopefully, Disney’s Animal Kingdom and the others will be next in line to receive the upgrades and additions seen at the Magic Kingdom.

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While there is definitely a time and place for change in the Parks, there are some fans who are rallying behind maintaining the classic attractions and experiences.  Walt Disney World and Disneyland were designed to always be improving, but as the old saying goes, “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” Several fans are sharing what they believe should remain untouched.

u/BardtheBargeman writes,

” A big part of what makes Magic Kingdom special is how charmingly retro it is, and how unchanged (relative to other parks, looking at you in particular Studios…) it remains after all these years. The Liberty Belle, Tomorrowland Speedway, The PeopleMover, etc… might not be exciting, sleek, new attractions but they have so much character and history I would be devastated to see anything happen to them…”

And u/Sweetbeans2001 offers a similar take concerning EPCOT.

“EPCOT could be reconstructed to every inch of the original, but the original experience cannot be replicated. When I walked into EPCOT in 1982, I was blown away by the technology and innovation on display…”


“The last time I was amazed by technology at EPCOT was being able to ride Segways about 20 years ago. Today, even if they hosted the CES every year there, it still could not recreate that sense of wonder from the early years.”

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Simply put, Disney’s fanbase has gotten so large that it’s practically impossible for them to please everyone, but the company’s true audience is how it makes its profit. By changing the wrong aspects or simply changing too much, Guests are going to take notice. If Disney truly wants to start listening to their fans, there are a few social media discussions that could serve as a solid starting point.

What’s your Disney Park “hot take?” Tell us in the comments below!

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