Parents Abandon Child on Disney Vacation, Teaches “Harsh Life Lesson”

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For many parents, planning a Walt Disney World Resort vacation is a huge deal. Traveling to the Most Magical Place on Earth is incredibly costly and takes tons of time and effort to put together. All of the work and financial sacrifice, however, is typically worth it, in the end, to see their kids hugging Mickey Mouse, scream on Space Mountain, cover their eyes on Haunted Mansion, and marvel at the Happily Ever After fireworks — and that’s just at Magic Kingdom!

So being told that your child does not want to go to Disney World after a parent has saved up for the vacation can be heartbreaking. One parent has taken to the internet to share their complicated story, which left their daughter distraught and upset as she did not attend the Disney World vacation with the rest of her family but spent the week at her aunt’s house instead. The story has a little more complexity to it, which shows that the decision of the parents to leave their daughter at home was a difficult choice they did not want to make. 

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Fun_Talk3027 took to the popular AITA Reddit thread (Am I the Asshole) to see if he and his wife made a mistake leaving their daughter at home during their Disney World vacation. His story reads:

As parents, we just want to do our best for our kids, especially when it comes to admitting wrongs.

My wife and I are the lucky parents of two girls, Sarah (17F) and Anna (13F) and a boy, Tyler (8M).

We managed to save enough money to go to Disneyworld for a week. Sarah is currently in the teenager phase of acting like a solider being sent out to war whenever she has to go out with the family, and she refused to go to Disneyworld on the basis of it being a stupid place and not wanting to be away from her friends.

My wife and I tried everything – talking to her, showing her pictures of all the fun places, we told her it would be fun and that we wanted her to go but Sarah refused and eventually we agreed to let her stay at her Aunt’s house. The week passed, we came back. Anna showed Sarah a couple of pictures and now Sarah is incredibly angry at her mother and I, she feels betrayed and angry that we let her miss out on a vacation an valuable family time and is angry we didnt fight harder to make her go.

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The internet quickly jumped in with their opinions on the subject, with over 800 comments. Overall, many readers sided with the parents, agreeing that Sarah should have been left at home. One reader said, “Looks like Sarah learned a harsh life lesson. You respected her wishes; she doesn’t get to be angry with you”. Another reader decided to learn from the situation so that they would never have to encounter the same thing saying, “When I come to be in op situation, I will make my children sign a contract saying they didn’t want to go and us parents tried multiple time, also record them signing as double proof in case they say they didn’t sign anything…”

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Another reader spoke about how this behavior is running rampant in children, “I am trying so hard to teach my three-year-old this lesson. If you say you don’t want bubbles in your bath, then you get a normal bath, and you have to live with it. I would sit her down for a come to Jesus conversation and tell her that she is old enough now to take responsibility for her own actions. If you say something, people will take you at your word, not read your mind. You have to decide if you want to partake in family activities, but you are responsible for the decisions you make. I would also stop putting up with the attitude. If she’s gonna ruin everyone’s time, she is old enough not to come.”

In the end, the Reddit thread concluded that these parents are not the “asshole”.

In the past, we have seen parents abandon and lose their children at both Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort.

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