Inside the Magic of Disney’s Blizzard Beach water park

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Blizzard Beach brings a winter wonderland to Walt Disney World. With snow-capped Mount Gushmore as its ski slope themed centerpiece, this aquatic adventure park provides a perfect place to cool off in Florida’s warmer weather.

As one of the resort’s two first-class water parks, Blizzard Beach, like Typhoon Lagoon, delivers winter themed adventures by way of several water slides, rapid-style raft rides, children’s play areas, lazy river and a full acre of aquatic wave pool action.

Walt Disney World’s third water park added something Floridians seldom see in their state – snow-capped mountain peaks and winding wintery trails.  Though the snow isn’t real, the cool atmosphere at Blizzard Beach brings a whimsical wonder to the Sunshine State.

Melting snow powered attractions

Mount Gushmore’s melting snow caps supply a steady stream of aquatic energy for the adventures at this water park. From mild to wild, Blizzard Beach brings a host of water-based adventures for all ages.  Enjoy leisurely gliding along with the current of Cross Country Creek or daring Summit Plummet’s steep drop, or just soak up the sun’s soothing rays at any of several sandy beaches.

From mild to wild, Blizzard Beach brings a host of water-based adventures for all ages.  Enjoy leisurely gliding along with the current of Cross Country Creek or daring Summit Plummet’s steep drop, or just soak up the sun’s soothing rays at any of several sandy beaches.

Cross Country Creek, Blizzard Beach’s version of a lazy river, traverses the water park, making it easy for guests to float along its winter wonderland themed 3,000-foot-long course. Cross Country Creek winds through glyph coated caves and past the home the park’s mascot, Ice Gator.

Melt-Away Bay manages Mount Gushmore’s melting snow, turning up waves of fun. Freely float (inner tubes allowed) with the ebb and flow of this giant (a full acre!) wave pool.

Ski Patrol Training Camp features four tween (pre-teen) attractions:

  • Visitors to Cool Runners will find that the melting snow has carved out moguls perfect for tubing.
  • Fahrenheit Drops has a height limit of 5’. This rope drop delight is suspended over 8 ½ feet deep of melted snow (water).
  • Frozen Pipe Springs’ water slide shares the same snow pool as Fahrenheit Drops.
  • Thin Ice Training Course is a cool leisure pool stocked with floating icebergs which are perfectly placed for a swift stroll.
  • Snow Falls downhill body slide is superbly sized for small children.

Tike’s Peak, designed for miniature adults (children under 48 inches -122 cm tall), recreates Blizzard Beach on a smaller scale.  Smaller snow slides, tiny inner tube tracks, and other winter wonders await playful preschoolers. Parental supervision is required.

“Splash out in wading pools featuring “melting” snow sculptures, including Ice Gator with his leaky umbrella. Start a water fight at the snowman-manned igloo fortress with spouting pop-up jets. The sandy areas surrounding Tike’s Peak offer opportunities for sunbathing and sand-castle-making alike!” -Disney

Ski the Polar Ice Caps

Snow-covered ski slopes serve as launching pads for wicked water tube excitement and spectacular sliding adventures.  Color coordinated queues indicate specific slide selections.

Green Slopes are accessible via chairlift or by climbing stairs.  Once the peak of Mount Gushmore is reached, guests have the option of choosing one of three water slides.

  • A Chairlift enables guests less inclined to climb their way to the mountaintop. (32 inch – 81 cm height requirement)
  • Slush Gusher gives guests great opportunities to grab a bit of “air time” as they traverse the 90-foot-long body slide and its pair of harrowing hills. (48 inch – 122 cm height requirement)
  • Summit Plummet pushes pulse-pounding excitement to the extreme with its 120-foot drop from atop Mount Gushmore. As one of the tallest waterslides in the world, this 360-foot speed slide is not for the faint of heart. (48 inch – 122 cm height requirement)

  • Teamboat Springs sends up to six riders on a whitewater rapid adventure filled with banks, bumps and spinning excitement. While there are no height restrictions, groups of less than 4 may be required to ride with other guests.

Purple Slope slides stand side-by-side or have more than one matching track.  These are the water park equivalent of downhill ski racing.  A winding path takes guests to the landing

  • Downhill Double Dipper delivers a pair of racing slides complete with stop clocks to mark progress along the 50-foot descent. Either against friends or the clock, race through dark tunnels towards the finish line. (48 inch – 122 cm height requirement)
  • Snow Stormers sends “skiers” face first (on their mat) down any one of three winding water slides. This trio of 350 feet long slopes makes a perfect course for racing friends and family to the bottom. Bonus – there’s no height restrictions!

  • Toboggan Racers offers 8 lanes of face first racing down a 250-foot super slide. A trio of dips along the way add to the excitement. Guests of any height can face the challenge.

Red Slope is only accessible by stairs.  Available at the bottom of these steps, guests must grab and carry their ride tube up the stairs.

  • Runoff Rapids funnels melting snow from Mount Gushmore into a trio of tracks, each with its own unique experience. Descend in darkness, 600 feet down the mountainside, or take one of two twisting tube rides that wind its way around the first track.  There is no height restriction for this inner tube adventure.

Add-in aquatic amenities

  • Towel and Locker rentals make a day at Disney’s water parks a bit more manageable. Offering a place to stow a change of clothes, car keys, wallets and cell phones, lockers mean not having to watch over or worry about waterlogging personal belongings.  Allowing Disney to tender towels means not having to carry one around all day.  Towel and locker rental is offered at Beach Haus and Snowless Joe’s.
  • Lodge Umbrellas may be rented for a day in the shade.  Perfect for as many as 4 guests, this service includes umbrella, 2 beach chairs (with table) and towels.  This first come, first served add-on amenity is available by reservation (407 WDW-PLAY (939-7529) or, if any remain the same day, at Beach Haus.
  • Polar Patios serve as the ultimate in luxurious relaxation realization. “Each reserved area accommodates up to 6 Guests and comes with a variety of premium amenities including towels, cushioned seating, a locker, refillable drink mugs and a cooler stocked with ice and bottled water. Plus, Attendants are on hand to help Beachcomber Shack Guests get the most out of the water park and to take food orders (separate dining charges apply).” -Disney  This first come, first served add-on luxury is available by reservation (407 WDW-PLAY (939-7529) or, if any remain the same day, at Beach Haus.

Surfing tidal pools, sliding down the slopes of Mount Gushmore or floating along Cross Country Creek is sure to work up an appetite. While coolers are permitted, they must be watched. Blizzard Beach offers a convenient collection of tasty temptations, all priced at $14.99 or less!

  • Arctic Expeditions slings delicious drinks from a permanently parked snowmobile. Beer, black cherry lemonade, rum runners and more make cooling off easy.
  • Avalaunch offers quick service lunch munchies and soft drinks
  • Cooling Hut has a selection of snacks, including ice cream, pretzels, and popcorn along with a selection of liquid refreshments.
  • Frostbite Freddy’s Frozen Freshments feeds the need to dine with turkey legs, nachos, and drinks (both adult and non-alcoholic).
  • C. Expeditions, similar to Arctic Expeditions, serves its tempting treats of frozen fun from within a parked snowmobile.
  • Lottawatta Lodge is not only the place to find vegetarian and vegan vittles, Olaf Frozen Blue Raspberry Lemonade, as well as a host of taste-bud tempting treats, are available.
  • Mini Donuts are quite simply the best sweet treat around. A trio of sweet sauces supplement the delightful dozen (or half dozen) popular snack.  This small stand can be found next to Lottawatta Lodge.
  • Polar Pub and its full-service bar brings beer and cool cocktails to those in need of quenching their thirst (must be over 21 to order and consume alcoholic beverages)
  • Warming Hut tames taste buds with wraps, salads, sandwiches and sweet treats.


  • Beach Haus, in addition to being a rental location, offers camera media, gifts, and clothing.
  • Shade Shack sells theme park merchandise, swimsuits, toys as well as camera media and housewares.

Tidal Tips

  • All children’s areas require young guests to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Coolers are allowed as long they do not contain any glass items or alcohol.
  • Both Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon water parks can be added to any park hopper ticket.
  • Adverse weather conditions may close attractions or the entire park.
  • Keep your change of clothes, shoes, cell phone, car keys and anything else you don’t want to carry with you, safe. Locker rentals can be found at Beach Haus and Snowless Joe’s.
  • Swimwear with buckles, metal that is exposed, rivets or zippers are not allowed on any of the slides or attractions
  • Guests wearing denim and neoprene (jeans/ wetsuits) will not be permitted to enjoy either Summit Plummet or Slush Gusher.
  • Swim diapers or plastic pants are required for children who must wear diapers.

Blizzard Beach can be found near Disney’s All-Star Resort at Walt Disney World Resort in Central Florida.  The park is open all year long (with heated pools during colder days), except for brief periods of maintenance (during which Typhoon Lagoon is always available). Admission, during normal operating hours, costs $65 (adults)/$59 (ages 3-9) plus tax.

Source and images: Disney, Wikipedia

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