Tomorrowland Icon Makes a Triumphant Return

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Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort

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The Disney Parks are still recovering after the recent events like the 2020 pandemic and the tumultuous Chapek era, but one of the Magic Kingdom’s fan-favorite fixtures has just made a triumphant return. Guests dining at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe won’t be eating alone anymore, as the golden tones of Tomorrowland’s most famous musical act has finally made a return.

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Disney is still in a healing stage, and even popular activities like character Meet and Greets are slowly trickling back into a state of normalcy. That being said, it’s also worth mentioning that Guests have noticed the absence of many environmental factors that bring the Parks to life. Fortunately, it seems as if things are well on the mend.

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Whether it was due to the animatronic’s machinery needing a tune up, or the recent passing of his voice actor, Kal David, Sonny Eclipse has been absent from Cosmic Ray’s for a long while. Although some fans might not take much notice, a giant piano-playing alien is pretty hard to miss. Disney fans have definitely felt an emptiness in the restaurant since his departure.

Dozens of posts on social media are buzzing with excitement as Sonny finally returns, filling the Cafe with his dulcet tones and songs from beyond the stars. While the footage above pales in comparison to the actual experience, fans of Sonny Eclipse are undoubtedly overjoyed to see his smiling face again.

It might feel like a very small addition to some, but Sonny always brought a little extra-terrestrial flavor to the quick-service restaurant. The animatronic seems to be operating better than before, and his movements and gestures are far more fluid and lifelike than his previous appearances.

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To some, this is just a refurbishment, but to the dedicated Disney Park Guests who have seen the rise and fall of the place where dreams come true, it’s a sign of healing. Now that Disney has taken the time to get Sonny back on the stage, it could mean more refurbishments are on the way.

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