Disney Could Be Cutting a Classic Character From the Parks

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Mickey Mouse character meet and greet at Fantasyland in Disneyland Paris

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Disney has been promising and making many changes in the past few days. From the company’s promise to “return to storytelling” to the announcement of three new sequels, a few things remain unchanged, especially in the Parks. Call most can agree that the changes occurring in the Disney parks are going to take more time, it’s unusual to notice one feature in particular remains present after nearly two years since the pandemic ended.

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There have been a few posts concerning the Meet and Greets at Disney the past few days, but one thing that remains unusually present is the need for socially-distanced interactions with a few popular characters. What has our attention is the fact that these are not only popular characters but characters who normally don’t have the regularly established meeting area. Donald and Daisy Duck, the Country Bears, Buzz Lightyear, and even Stitch are still stuck out of hugging distance, and any regular Disney Park Guest will know that that’s not exactly the norm. Watching characters like the Country Bears wander amongst the crowds was part of the Magic Kingdom’s Streetmosphere for the longest time, and seeing them on the balcony of their attraction feels truly out of place.

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That’s not the biggest issue in the world, but what should make some Disney fans put their radars on is the fact that Buzz and Stitch are still stuck in social-distance mode in Tomorrowland. Namely because Stitch’s appearances have started to get more infrequent.

Stitch poses for ITM
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As one of Disney’s most popular (and most marketable) characters, Stitch’s absence would undoubtedly come with some intense backlash from the fans. On our most recent trip to the Parks, we inquired about the matter and the attending Cast Member referred to Stitch as a “pop-up” character, meaning that he could soon be harder to find. We don’t know if this is 100% for certain, but it could be interpreted as an ill omen.

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Stitch can still be met at Ohana in Disney World’s Polynesian resort for a character dining experience, but his former Meet and Greet venue has essentially been converted into stroller parking. While this might be only a small delay in the grand scheme of Disney’s changes to the Parks, fans of the big blue alien should remain on red alert until things are back to normal. Of course, this is pure speculation, and the ball remains in Disney’s court. Either way, we’re hoping to see all the distanced characters make a triumphant return sometime soon.

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