D’Amaro Doubles Down On “Storytelling” Goals

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Josh D'Amaro at SXSW

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Both Bob Iger and Josh D’Amaro have been filling Disney fans’ ears with many sugared thoughts and honeyed words concerning the future of the Parks. While it does seem that both are making good on their word, especially with their recent trip to EPCOT, D’Amaro is at it again with a recent announcement for the SXSW Conference. While it certainly looks promising, a little caution might go along with that optimism.

It could be said that the chairman for the Disney Parks is slowly working his way back into the good graces of the Guests. It’s a slow healing process, but they can’t say that efforts haven’t been made. This also isn’t the first time a Disney executive has expressed interest in the art of storytelling, something which the company has been famous for decades. Once more, the question is can D’Amaro deliver?

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SXSW is a conference and film festival for leaders in the creative industry to show off and discuss their craft. It’s an event that presents a bounty of opportunities for multiple mediums in the business, and hundreds of artists and creators attend each year. Naturally, an appearance from Disney is both expected and anticipated, but it could also be an ideal platform for D’Amaro to bare the whole truth for a very concerned fanbase.

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A popular consensus among Disney critics is that Disney really needs to start listening to the audience and getting back to the basics of the company. While they have done this on a certain few points, the extent truly isn’t where it needs to be. However, this reiteration of the importance of storytelling to the Walt Disney Company could be a sign of reassurance. Granted, we won’t really know the full extent until the chairman actually speaks.

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Fans are already responding on social media, namely in @ScottGustin’s tweet above, and many have a surprisingly positive outlook on the matter. That being said, those on the opposing side also raise some good points, particularly those calling him out for ignoring certain attractions and restrictions left over from Chapek’s reign. Be that as it may, it can be said that D’Amaro’s head is in the right place, but actions speak louder than words.

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in Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World

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