Disney Execs Finally See “Insulting” Park Conditions

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EPCOT International Festival of the Arts sign with Spaceship Earth at EPCOT

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Recently, Bob Iger and Josh D’Amaro were seen visiting EPCOT during a VIP tour, and the two executives were finally exposed to the current condition of the Disney Parks. While Guests who witnessed the two company figureheads walking about were obviously and understandably starstruck, this could very well be the best omen seen for the Parks this month. Now that Iger and D’Amaro have been exposed to the conditions of their Parks, big changes might be coming sooner rather than later.

josh damaro bob iger
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After dethroning Bob Chapek, Bob Iger has already started making reparations to the damage done in his absence. Additionally, Josh D’Amaro has made several promises regarding the Disney Parks, particularly a return to the familiar Park atmosphere and a heavy focus on live entertainment. While their visit to EPCOT only gave them a taste of what visiting the Parks has become for some Guests, the heaps of rubble and slogging construction, ride conditions, and other such sights that obstruct and obscure Disney’s typical gift of immersion. One stop on their tour, however, might light a fire under an issue that fans have been pointing out for a long while now.

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Iger and D’Amaro reportedly took a backstage tour of Journey Into Imagination with Figment, home to EPCOT’s beloved purple dragon. While Figment has recently become the face of  the Park’s International Festival of the Arts, his ride has seen better days from what fans have reported. With all the merchandise and special displays in Figment’s honor, it’s almost insulting to know how little has been done to preserve his iconic ride.

Hopefully, seeing the attraction’s condition will encourage both executives to do something to keep the Imagination Institute up and running.

epcot festival of the arts figment art wall
Credit: Disney

The pair were also reportedly discussing the fate of Harmonious and what the next steps will be for EPCOT’s Nighttime Spectacular. While EPCOT Forever is reportedly set to bridge the gap between the former show and whatever Disney concocts for its future, the elimination of the Chapek-approved show leaves a wide-open space for something that can reaffirm Iger’s contributions to the Park. Needless to say, there’s still a lot of work to be done.

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It cannot be over-emphasized how big of a deal it is to see these two actually walking through the Parks to get things from a Guest’s perspective. By seeing how things are actually functioning outside the corporate office, Iger and D’Amaro are finally getting a better picture of what truly needs to change at the Parks. Hopefully, this recent visit will encourage both the execs and those under them to push for a better Park experience for all those involved.

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