Why Figment’s Ride Should (and Shouldn’t) Be Changed

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Questioning Figment

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EPCOT is where innovation and imagination coexist in glorious harmony at Walt Disney World, and it’s home to some of the most incredible attractions and exhibits. However, some of it’s attractions are beginning to show their age, especially compared to some of the newer rides like Cosmic Rewind. So why would they be interested in possibly revisiting an old fan favorite?

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Spaceship Earth, Test Track, and Mission Space are just a few of the iconic features that call EPCOT home, but the poster child for the Park comes from a rather eccentric attraction that has been beloved by fans for decades. The original Journey Into Imagination introduced the world to EPCOT’s beloved purple dragon with a massive personality way back in 1983. Since his update in 2002, Figment has been delighting Guests and mucking up Dr. Channing’s open house for over twenty years. As stellar as that sounds, there are some fans calling for an update.

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Reports of the attraction showing its age are starting to circulate, and there has been some speculation about returning to a revamped version of the original ’80s attraction featuring the Dreamfinder character making a return and rejoining his trusty sidekick. The original layout was undoubtedly a cult favorite and many modern Disney fans have fond memories of it, but the argument can also be made that there are just as many Guests who have a fondness for the current theming. If they go down this route, Disney might be faced with a peculiar struggle, and they might not be able to please both camps.

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On one hand, the Dreamfinder hasn’t been seen in the attraction for decades, but he has made a few appearances at special events such as the D23 Expo. Obviously, there is a great amount of love and respect for the original attraction, and a wide audience would love to see a revamped version. At the same time, however, the current layout of the Imagination Institute has been around for over twenty years, and there are still a large amount of fans that will want to cling to the current version. The challenge for Disney is how to please both parties without short changing either one.

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While there’s no confirmation that the ride will be changed (yet), Figment is starting to get a little wear and tear on him. With so many Disney attractions getting modernizations and rethemes, such as the recent Splash Mountain announcement, it feels somewhat bizarre that an attraction in Future World would be taking a step back in time. All fans can do is wait to see if the attraction receives any updates on the update.

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