He’s Listening! D’Amaro Shares Massive New Disney Plans

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Chairman of the Disney Parks, Josh D’Amaro has made a few bold claims in recent reports concerning the future of Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and other such properties, but one of his latest initiatives seems to be a step in the right direction as prominent experiences in the Parks’ atmosphere are making a long-awaited return. However, this is only the first step of many if he truly wants to satisfy the public.

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D’Amaro recently shared with Attractions Magazine his upcoming plans concerning the Disney Parks. Admits to sea of turmoil, one piece of good news dedicated Disney fans probably weren’t expecting was the fact that one of Disney’s top brass is actually making efforts to restore the Parks on a personal level. The chairman went on to elate how he is communicating both with Guests and staff concerning matters of change in the Parks before any big decisions are made, but his plans for Disney’s live entertainment should have fans putting their ears on and keeping their eyes peeled for further developments.

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According to the report, Disney has big plans for their live entertainment at the Parks, a concept cemented by the return of a Meet and Greet with Ariel at her grotto and Enchanted Tales with Belle, as well as giving some spotlight to the Main Street Philharmonic. This is obviously a good thing; however, it’s only one step on the journey of 1000 miles in the right direction. If Disney truly wants to bring some of their magic back into their Parks, the atmosphere and guest interactions should be handled with the most professionalism and care.

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Guests have noticed quite a few elements missing from their experiences with Disney lately, especially when it comes to characters and Disney’s “Streetmosphere.” For those unfamiliar with the term, Streetmosphere refers to the live entertainment out and about in the Parks. This might be Disney Characters like Chip and Dale walking about, but it also means interactive characters and acts like the citizens of Main Street/Hollywood and the Red Car Trolly Newsboys. It’s this kind of element that truly helps the Parks come alive by giving the illusion that it has a populace that is just as magical as Disney itself. D’Amaro has promised that all the Parks entertainment “and more” is planned to return, but many Disney Park Guests are still waiting with bated breath to see this promised progress in come to fruition.

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Actions speak louder than words, as the saying goes, and D’Amaro has been talking some serious game. Whether or not he will deliver remains to be seen, but fans can take comfort in knowing that he is listening and efforts have indeed been made. While this all looks like a dream come true, stranger things have happened. With any luck, Guests can expect a full cavalcade of characters and performers returning to the Parks very soon.

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