Pedro Pascal Wants “Off the Helmet” in ‘The Mandalorian’

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grogu and din djarin

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From the moment Star Wars fans met bounty hunter Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) in the first episode of The Mandalorian, they were hooked on the stoic character, and his tiny charge “Baby Yoda” (AKA Grogu).

pedro pascal as din djarin
Credit: Lucasfilm

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Over the course of two seasons now, showrunner Jon Favreau and executive producer Dave Filoni have taken us on a journey around the Star Wars galaxy, introducing new characters — and reintroducing old ones — into their corner of the Star Wars franchise.

the mandalorian season 2 mission to morak (l-r) bill burr as migs mayfeld, gina carano as cara dune, ming-na wen as fennec shand, pedro pascal as din djarin, and temuera morrison as boba fett
Credit: Lucasfilm

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From former shock trooper Cara Dune (Gina Carano) and Greef Karga (Carl Weathers) on Nevarro to Mos Pelgo Marshal Cobb Vanth (Timothy Olyphant) on Tatooine, the characters Favreau and Filoni have introduced to the Star Wars universe have made it undeniably richer and more vibrant.

Ahsoka Tano interrogating the magistrate
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Furthermore, thanks to The Mandalorian, we’ve seen the live-action debut of Star Wars: The Clone Wars fan-favorite Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson) in Season 2, Episode 5 (“Chapter 13: The Jedi”) and the return of iconic Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker (CGI Mark Hamill) in Season 2, Episode 8 (“Chapter 16: The Rescue”).

luke skywalker in the mandalorian
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In “Chapter 16”, the Season 2 finale, we saw Djarin remove his beskar helmet for only the third time in the entire series. Raised by the tenets of “the Way of the Mandalore”, Pascal’s Mandalorian believes that taking his helmet off in the presence of another living being would be breaking his creed.

The first time he removed his helmet was in the Season 1 finale (“Chapter 8: Redemption”), when only droid IG-11 (Taika Waititi) witnessed him, in order to treat his wounds with Bacta spray.

Credit: Lucasfilm

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Then, however, Djarin encountered Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackhoff) and her Nite Owl warriors on the planet Trask in Season 2, Episode 3 (“Chapter 11: The Heiress”). Kryze teaches him that not all Mandalorians abide by the Way — and that he doesn’t necessarily have to wear his beskar all the time to be true to his culture.

Throughout the rest of Season 2, we saw the character struggle with the tension between the teachings of his childhood and the man he is becoming. He first removed his helmet in front of other people in Season 2, Episode 7 (“Chapter 15: The Believer”).

pedro pascal as din djarin
Credit: Lucasfilm

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In order to obtain the coordinates of Moff Gideon’s (Giancarlo Esposito) Imperial cruiser, a face scan is necessary — Djarin’s companion, ex-prisoner Migs Mayfeld (Bill Burr) is unable to perform the task because he used to be a member of the Imperial forces and might be recognized by his former commanding officer.

To save Grogu, who had been kidnapped by Gideon and his Dark Trooper squad, Djarin takes the bullet, so to speak.

din djarin no mask pedro
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The final time Djarin takes off his helmet in the series so far is in the Season 2 finale when Skywalker arrives to spirit Grogu away to complete his Jedi Order training. During a bittersweet goodbye scene, Djarin allows his “son” to touch his face for the first time.

Now, however, it seems that Pascal (Maxwell Lord in Wonder Woman 1984, Javier Pena in Narcos, Prince Oberyn Martell in Game of Thrones) might want to spend more time outside with his face visible.

grogu touching din djarin helmet
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During a WRAL interview at GalaxyCon Raleigh, Giancarlo Esposito was asked if we’ll see more of helmetless Djarin in Season 3 of the hit series, which is reportedly due to begin filming soon. He shared:

“I can’t speak to that. I mean, I know he’d love to be more off the helmet, but you know, his job is to be in the helmet. You know what I mean? That, that’s the deal.”

moff gideon giancarlo esposito
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Esposito and Sackhoff are both expected to return alongside Pascal to complete the ongoing Darksaber story arc in The Mandalorian Season 3.

A debut date for the third season has not been announced. Spinoff series, Ahsoka, also has no official debut date at this time.

Fennec Shand (left) and Boba Fett sat on Jabba's throne (right)
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Fans can, however, expect The Mandalorian‘s “next chapter”, The Book of Boba Fett — starring Temuera Morrison as bounty hunter Boba Fett and Ming-Na Wen as Fennec Shand — in December 2021.

pedro pascal as din djarin in the mandalorian
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For Pascal’s part, he is currently filming HBO’s video game adaptation The Last of Us in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Do you want to see more of Pedro Pascal without his beskar armor in The Mandalorian?

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