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  1. Diagon otter

    This is not only taken from very old rumors, but has long proven inaccurate. And it stirs up trouble and hate for the actor.

  2. Chuck

    I could see him wanting the helmet off whether or not this story is true. If he removes the helmet, he makes it harder to recast him. With the helmet on, they can put anyone in there.

  3. Susan Fudge

    It doesn’t matter to me if the helmet is off or not. His talent brought something extraordinary to the character. He is very talented and his face is not the central theme. I also read this rumor quite a while back, but the comments made by Mr. Esposito probably brought it back to life. I am not sure if those were actually contemporary comments but they were portrayed on Twitter as new comments

  4. Sandra Cunningham

    Less helmet! That face is to handsome to hide.

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