‘Star Wars’ Cast Hilariously Rocks Out to Post Malone’s “Sunflower”

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carrie fisher and billie lourd laughing on star wars set

Credit: Screenshot From Jeanne Hazel Edits YouTube

When movie buffs think of the Star Wars franchise, rapper Post Malone probably doesn’t immediately jump to mind — he’s one of the last people I would connect to the Star Wars universe, certainly. And, yet, the music star’s hit song “Sunflower” has just made Star Wars even better than ever.

star wars the rise of skywalker zorii bliss (left) and poe dameron (right)
Credit: Lucasfilm

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A hilarious YouTube video featuring outtakes primarily from the Star Wars sequel trilogy has surfaced and it’s going to make you wish you were on set for all the fun during Episode VII – The Force Awakens (2015), Episode VIII – The Last Jedi (2017), and Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker (2019).

And, let’s just address the elephant in the room, some of us wish we were on hand during TLJ to help fix everything that went awry with Rian Johnson’s installment of the Skywalker Saga.

rian johnson hamill
Credit: Lucasfilm

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But, back to the topic at hand — we’re talking dance battles between Daisy Ridley (Rey) and John Boyega (Finn), lighthearted moments between the late Carrie Fisher (Princess General Leia Organa), Ridley, and Fisher’s real-life daughter Billie Lourd, Oscar Isaac (Poe Dameron) leading what may be a flash mob, and, of course, Imperial stormtroopers rocking out left, right, and center.

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oscar isaac as poe dameron (left) and carrie fisher as leia organa (right) in star wars
Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney

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While the majority of these behind-the-scenes outtakes feature sequel trilogy actors, there are a couple of great moments from the prequel trilogy and the original trilogy as well — both Billy Dee Williams (Lando Calrissian) and Ewan McGregor (Obi-Wan Kenobi) show up!

“Sunflower” is the perfect background music for this hilarious compilation of clips featuring your favorite Star Wars cast members. You can watch the full video below.

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What’s next in the Star Wars galaxy?

With nearly a dozen streaming Star Wars series — and multiple feature films, like Patty Jenkins’s Star Wars: Rogue Squadron (2023) and Taika Waititi’s untitled flick — coming down the Lucasfilm pipeline, there’s a lot for Star Wars fans to look forward in the coming months and years.

kennedy waititi star wars
Credit: Disney Investors’ Day Livestream

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Currently, Dave Filoni’s new animated series Star Wars: The Bad Batch, a Star Wars: The Clone Wars spinoff, is airing on Disney+ every Friday. The series picked up during the execution of Emperor Palpatine’s Order 66 and features Clone Force 99 — Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, Echo, and Crosshair. The show has also introduced an intriguing new character, female clone Omega, into the Star Wars story.

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bad batch trailer hunter meeting omega
Credit: Lucasfilm

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Filoni is also working on three shows with Mandalorian showrunner Jon Favreau, which will make fans of the popular duo very happy. In addition to the upcoming, The Mandalorian Season 3 with Pedro Pascal returning as Din Djarin, two spinoffs — Ahsoka, starring Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano, and The Book of Boba Fett starring Temeura Morrison as the iconic bounty hunter and Ming-Na Wen as Fennec Shand — are in the works.

The Mandalorian
Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney

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It was recently confirmed that a third Mandalorian spinoff, Rangers of the New Republic, is no longer in development. This is likely due to the firing of Gina Carano (Cara Dune) in February 2021, but there is hope that another series — perhaps even the rumored Luke Skywalker show — could take its place.

luke skywalker with grogu
Credit: Lucasfilm

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Catch up on all of the upcoming Star Wars series (and find out when you’ll see fan-favorite cast members like actor Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan, Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, and even Diego Luna again!) in our comprehensive guide to Lucasfilm’s upcoming streaming projects.

At this time, it is not yet known if any sequel trilogy cast will return for future projects — Ridley, Isaac, and Boyega have all expressed that they have no immediate plans to return to the Star Wars galaxy.

star wars a new hope luke leia and han (from left)
Credit: Lucasfilm

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Star Wars legends Harrison Ford (Han Solo) and Mark Hamill (Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker) have also not confirmed if they will be back for future work in the franchise. Ford last appeared in the sequels, while Hamill made a surprising cameo in The Mandalorian Season 2 finale when Skywalker took Grogu as his Padawan.

What are you most looking forward to in Star Wars? Which outtake in the Post Malone meets Star Wars mashup was your favorite?

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