Universal Studios Confirms New Attraction Based on Surprise Box Office Success

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Crowd of people at an amusement park entrance with a large globe sculpture labeled "Universal" overhead, surrounded by colorful buildings and palm trees.

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Some of NBCUniversal’s biggest and most surprising success stories in 2023 have come from video game properties. Naturally, that means they’ll bring that popularity to Universal Studios with a brand-new attraction in 2024.

Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach at the entrance of Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Hollywood
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Universal Theme Parks are some of the best in the entire world. Whether you’re going to Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal Orlando Resort, Universal Studios Japan, or Universal Studios Singapore, you know that you will be greeted with thrilling attractions, impeccable theming, and fun for the whole family.

This year has been particularly strong for Universal Studios and NBCUniversal as a whole. Not only have the parks thrived in a year that has been difficult for other amusement parks, but its movies and shows have excelled in ratings and at the box office. In fact, a particular group of projects are looking to change the company forever.

NBCUniversal is Going All In on Video Game Properties

Mario in his Kart racing down Rainbow Road alongside Toad and Donkey Kong
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NBCUniversal has many iconic franchises under its belt, like Jurassic Park, Transformers, and The Fast and the Furious. However, the most successful projects in 2023 have been based on video games.

In a recent press release, NBCUniversal reveled in the success of its various video game properties, including The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023), Twisted Metal (2023-TBA), and Five Nights at Freddy’s (2023). Not only is The Super Mario Bros. Movie a record-breaking juggernaut, making over $1.3 billion at the global box office, but Five Nights at Freddy’s has surpassed all expectations, opening with over $130 million. That’s more than some blockbusters have made in their entire run this year.

Sweet Tooth leaning out of his self-named ice cream truck in Twisted Metal
Credit: NBCUniversal

Twisted Metal was another surprising success, finishing its season on Peacock with an astounding 94% on Rotten Tomatoes. On top of that, it is the streaming platform’s “most-binged comedy to date.” That’s incredible for a franchise that hasn’t seen a new game in 11 years.

This success can be seen at the theme parks as well. SUPER NINTENDO WORLD has debuted at Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Japan and is home to some of the most popular attractions at the parks. On top of that, the house based on The Last of Us (2013) at Halloween Horror Nights was one of the most popular of the event, often boasting wait times of over three hours.

A clicker terrifying a single guest in front of a FEDRA sign in the Last of Us house
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Whether it comes as new shows or movies based on video game properties or exciting attractions based on established successes, NBCUniversal clearly wants to keep this success going.

Still, it caught everyone by surprise when the company casually revealed that Universal Studios will feature an attraction based on one of these properties in less than a year.

New Attraction Confirmed for Universal Studios in 2024

Universal Studios Florida archway during Halloween Horror Nights
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With Halloween Horror Nights coming to an end, fans of the classic event are already wondering what houses and franchises will be appearing next year. What new characters will debut? Will we see more classics like Chucky, Michael Myers, and Freddy Krueger?

Fortunately, ghoulish guests won’t have to wait long to hear the first IP confirmed for next year since, at the very end of their celebration of video games, NBCUniversal announced that “Five Nights at Freddy’s will be brought to life at Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights.”

Josh Hutcherson running from Freddy Fazbear, Foxy, and Bonnie in Five Nights at Freddy's
Credit: Blumhouse Productions/Universal Pictures

Directed by Emma Tammi and written by Tammi, Scott Cawthon, and Seth Cuddeback, the film adaptation of the terrifying horror game phenomenon features an all-star cast, including Josh Hutcherson from The Hunger Games (2012) as Mike Schmidt, Matthew Lillard from Scream (1996) as Scott Adlan, and Elizabeth Lail from You (2018-2019) as Vanessa. It all stars Piper Rubio as Abby Schmidt, Mary Stuart Masterson as Aunt Jane, and Kat Conner Sterling as Max.

While this makes sense since the film has been unbelievably successful, it’s still shocking to see the announcement coming before this year’s Halloween Horror Nights is even over. While some people may think this is referring to the already existing Blumhouse: Behind the Screams show at Universal Studios Hollywood, the phrasing of the post indicates that this will be happening in the future, not right now.

Golden Freddy and Abby Schmidt in the back of a car in Five Nights at Freddy's
Credit: Blumhouse Productions/Universal Pictures

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Even though the film has been maligned by critics for being boring and lacking scares, this is still an exciting reveal for Halloween Horror Nights 2024. The setting and characters in Five Nights at Freddy’s lend themselves to excellent jump scares, a creepy atmosphere, and the potential for incredible set pieces.

Seriously, seeing a Freddy Fazbear animatronic in person would be terrifying! If we do get a Five Nights at Freddy’s house, it has the potential to be one of the best of all time.

Are you excited for a Five Nights at Freddy’s house at Halloween Horror Nights? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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