Sneak Peek: Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF) Review

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Five Nights at Freddy’s is a cult phenomenon that draws on the eeriest side of movie-goers. You probably know William Afton and Freddy Fazbear, but beware: this Freddy movie review contains some juicy spoilers.

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Five Nights (FNAF): A Review

  • To properly review FNAF, the first step is getting the lore out into the open. The series is extended, based on an original game and a whole host of other media. Understanding the basics is critical (and not just what you see in the Five Nights trailer).

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Brass Tacks and Straight Facts

Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF) is a creation of Scott Cawthon, an independent developer who made the original game. It’s complex and mysterious and surrounds a set of fictional animatronics that come alive at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. It’s rumored to have been inspired by Chuck E. Cheese, but more horrifying.

The animatronics at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza performing on stage while the bunny sparks and malfunctions
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The main animatronics to expect are:

  • Freddy Fazbear
  • Bonnie the Bunny
  • Chica, the Chicken
  • Foxy the Pirate
  • Golden Freddy

While these tech marvels come ‘to life’ in the film, it’s also supported by the skills of talent like:

  • Josh Hutcherson
  • Elizabeth Lail
  • Piper Rubio
  • Mary Stuart Masterson
  • Matthew Lillard

The story’s basic premise is cryptically told but holds to the spirit of all horror/thriller films: to survive. Now that you know what to expect from the film, let’s take a sneak peek and see how the movie holds up.

Five Nights (FNAF) Movie Review Parameters

To properly determine the merit of the Five Nights at Freddy’s live-action film, first, let’s set some parameters:

  1. Script
  2. Acting
  3. Special Effects
  4. Truth to Canon
  5. Overall Experience

Five Nights Surviving at Freddy’s, The Script

The movie starts with a slow burn, much like the pace of the video game and the graphic novels. From surprises like “dream theory” to an engaging, slightly glib, and humorously dark narrative, FNAF hit the mark. Clever lines like, “Of course, they’re ghosts,” show wisdom beyond the years of the younger character. It’s a powerful show of family, love, honesty, and empowerment.

FNAF Acting

With a leading cast that included Josh Hutcherson (The Hunger Games) and Matthew Lillard (Scream)the acting was well-balanced. Though the show was directed at a younger audience, the emotions and performances of the cast brought it home successfully. It tugged on the heartstrings and movingly used visuals to support the actors in their roles.

A newspaper clipping saying that there is a job opening at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza
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Five Nights at Freddy’s Special Effects

Perhaps what was most interesting about the FNAF film was the use of special effects (or, relatively, the lack thereof). Simple animatronics and campy gore that is fictional led the way. Bright lights were used sparingly, giving the dark ambiance even more power. The noise was equally well-applied, with a general quiet lending an eerie setting to an otherwise standard setup. The special effects were meticulously used to carry out the story and gear it toward the correct audience.

FNAF Canonical Accuracy

In terms of truth to canon, the FNAF movie succeeded (despite some expectations to the contrary). While it dropped a few surprises that many viewers weren’t expecting, it used consistent imagery and technique to bring the story to life. All the core characters were present, and save some minor tweaks necessary to get a video game into a cinematic piece, it remained true to its heart.

Josh Hutcherson running from Freddy Fazbear, Foxy, and Bonnie in Five Nights at Freddy's
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Five Nights at Fazbear: Freddy’s Overall Experience

Overall, the energy of the cinema, coupled with the soundscape, made it a comfortable show to sit and watch. It had an easy run time of 1 hour and 50 minutes, making it ideal for the 14A audience. Though much of the scariness was implied, the rating made sense for the gore it brought to the screen. As a solo adventure for an adult unfamiliar with the franchise, it might fall short on the fear front. But for anyone who knows and loves the FNAF universe, it’s a must-see that checks all the boxes.

What are you hoping for from the FNAF movie? Share your take down below!

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