Jason Momoa “Fought to Keep” Amber Heard, Fueling Rumors She Caused His Divorce

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Amber Heard as Mera (left) gazing at Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry (right) in 'Aquaman'

Credit: Warner Bros.

In January 2022, Aquaman heartthrob Jason Momoa and long-time partner Lisa Bonet — to whom the actor had been legally married since 2017 — announced that they were divorcing.

jason moma (left) and lisa bonet (right) on tom ford red carpet
Credit: ABC

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Amid the ongoing Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard trial, many DC Comics fans who enjoy Warner Bros.’ Aquaman franchise are taking to social media to suggest that Momoa’s costar, Amber Heard (Mera), played a role in breaking up he and Bonet’s 16-year relationship.

jason momoa (left) and amber heard (right)
Credit: ABC

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In regard to the $50 million civil suit, Depp’s camp alleges that Heard’s 2018 Washington Post op-ed about being a survivor of domestic violence effectively ruined his career. In fact, Depp lost his most iconic role in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies as a result of Heard’s claims.

The trial has already seen a number of explosive accusations, from leaked text messages in which Depp and a close friend referred to Heard’s “rotting corpse” to psychological evaluations that allegedly exposed Heard’s multiple mental disorders. Public opinion is divided, with some believing Heard’s allegations of domestic violence and others fully supporting Depp’s continued — and vehement — denial of the claims against him.

amber heard (left) and johnny depp (right) on red carpet
Credit: ABC

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Today, Momoa’s name came up in the proceedings when a witness claimed that he was a key reason that Heard appears at all in Aquaman 2, officially titled Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

One article noted that ” Jason Momoa and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom director James Wan fought to keep Amber Heard in the film.” The same report shared details from industry insider Kathryn Arnold’s testimony.

amber heard as mera in aquaman
Credit: Warner Bros.

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She said:

“Ms. Heard was not invited to be either in the poster or to be at the [FanDome] event, and, in fact, they told her she cannot come. In February 2021, there were conversations that Amber’s, I’m going to be technical with you, her option for employment was not going to be exercised. So they may not have hired her again. Her management team fought very hard and they ultimately ended up hiring her, but not only because of what her management did, but also because star Jason Momoa and director James Wan committed to her.”

amber heard as mera
Credit: Warner Bros.

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Arnold’s comments have fueled additional rumors that Heard was, in some capacity, to blame for Momoa’s split several months ago. One movie fan posted, “More like @realamberheard is the reason for Jason Momoa’s divorce! She is a psychopath and brings destruction and abuse to anyone who knows her!”

Many posts point out that Depp also left a long-term relationship for Heard shortly after working with her for the first time, “A reminder that #johnnydepp broke up his relationship not long after starring in a film with #AmberHeard. #jasonmomoa is now splitting with his wife after starring in a film with her. The wait and see if she struck again has started. #JustSaying”

aquaman jason momoa and amber heard
Credit: Warner Bros.

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There has, of course, been no confirmation from Momoa or Bonet’s camps regarding Amber Heard’s role — if any — in their decision to divorce. And, while the situation is likely just the product of the online rumor mill, Arnold’s testimony has fanned the flames once again.

Heard did previously testify that Warner Bros. wanted to fire her as well when Depp was let go from the studio’s Fantastic Beasts Harry Potter spinoff movies.

More on Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard

amber heard (left) and johnny depp (right) in formalwear on bighorn red carpet
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If you haven’t been following the ongoing Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard case, in November 2020, Hollywood actor Depp lost his libel lawsuit against U.K. News Group Newspaper publication, The Sun, for their report that he had allegedly engaged in domestic violence — including a reported “hostage” situation during a Pirates of the Caribbean shoot in Australia — against the Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom actress on multiple occasions.

British Judge Andrew Nicol presided over the original proceedings, and Depp later lost his right to appeal the original ruling in the United Kingdom. The Jack Sparrow actor, for his part, has denied the domestic violence allegations, with even his ex-partners, Vanessa Paradis and Winona Ryder, speaking out in his defense at various points in time.

Amber Heard Johnny Depp
Credit: ABC

Depp has been fired from his two most high-profile parts — his iconic role as Captain Jack Sparrow in Disney’s Pirates franchise and as Gellert Grindelwald in Warner Bros. Fantastic Beasts series — as a result of the ongoing situation.

At this time, as noted, the former couple is appearing in court in relation to their $50 million U.S. civil lawsuit.

Have you been following the celebrity trial of the century?

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