Thief Bizarrely Absconds With Nearly Full-Size ‘Star Wars’ Stormtrooper

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Mere days after news broke that a former elementary school principal posed as a Walt Disney World Resort Cast Member to steal a $10,000 R2-D2 statue, a thief in Oklahoma has absconded with another Star Wars statue.

r2-d2 droid
Credit: Disney

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The Tulsa Police Department hilariously took to Facebook to share a video of the incident, and there are clearly a few Star Wars fans on staff. The post [below] is full of references to a galaxy far, far away:

“Rebel Scum” Caught Absconding with a Stormtrooper — do you know this man?

On 6/17/2022 around 5:30 a.m., this ne’er-do-well was caught on camera stealing a Stormtrooper from a driveway at a home near 3rd and Lewis.

It is entirely possible that he was upset with Order 66 and revenging the Jedi. However, in Oklahoma, it’s still a crime.

The Force Will Be Strong with the Chosen One who can bring this nerf-herder before the Jedi Council (or in this case, Criminal Court). Imperial Credit (AKA cash rewards) are paid for information that leads to an arrest.

If you recognize the suspect, please call Tulsa Crime Stoppers at 918-596-COPS. You can remain anonymous when calling.
Reference Case 2022-308035.
#TulsaPolice #ThisIsTheWay

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In addition to referencing Emperor Palpatine’s prequel-era purge of the Jedi Order with the execution of Order 66, the post refers back to the original trilogy’s “Rebel scum” sentiment, and even pulls in the popular Disney+ series, The Mandalorian, with a #ThisIsTheWay hashtag.

At the time of publication, the post has 692 shares and nearly 300 comments. Tulsa Police have not provided an update regarding whether the stormtrooper-stealing suspect has been apprehended. Comments, however, noted that the theft was bizarre.

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance
Credit: ITM/Alex Lue

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A KIRO news article about the Star Wars decor theft noted that the stormtrooper statue was “nearly full-size” and that the crime took place in a residential neighborhood, which is clear from the video.

The Star Wars franchise recently wrapped its latest Disney+ endeavor, Deborah Chow’s Obi-Wan Kenobi. The show, set ten years after Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (2005), followed Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor) briefly coming out of seclusion on Tatooine to help Bail Organa (Jimmy Smits) rescue a kidnapped Princess Leia (Vivian Lyra Blair).

obi-wan kenobi (left) and princess leia (right) on transport vehicle with stormtroopers
Credit: Lucasfilm

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The six-episode first season of the popular show was well-received and many fans were thrilled to see Hayden Christensen’s return as Sith Lord Darth Vader.

Although Season 2 has not been confirmed at this time, both fans and cast members have suggested they are open to continuing Kenobi’s story in the years between the prequels and Episode IV – A New Hope (1977).

obi wan kenobi full casting
Credit: Lucasfilm

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In addition to McGregor and Christensen, Bonnie Piesse and Joel Edgerton reprised their prequel roles as Luke Skywalker’s Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen Lars, while newcomers like Moses Ingram (Third Sister/Reva), Kumail Nanjiani (Haja), Indira Varma (Tala)Rupert Friend (the Grand Inquisitor), O’Shea Jackson Jr. (Roken), and Sung Kang (Fifth Brother) have joined the Star Wars story for the first time.

Grant Feely portrayed a young Luke Skywalker.

Diego Luna as Cassian Andor flying a Tie Fighter
Credit: Lucasfilm

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Next up for Star Wars is Rogue One prequel series, Andor, starring Diego Luna reprising his role as Rebel spy, Captain Cassian Andor. The show debuts on Disney+ on August 31, 2022.

What do you think about the Tulsa stormtrooper theft?

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