‘Star Wars’ Director Rian Johnson Shares “Most Cursed Image of All Time”

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The Star Wars sequel trilogy — which ended up being led by JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson (Knives Out) — was announced on the heels of The Walt Disney Company’s acquisition of Lucasfilm, Ltd. in 2012.

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Star Wars fans, who, frankly, were still confused by the existence of Jar Jar Binks (Ahmed Best) in George Lucas’s prequel trilogy —  which ended in 2005 with Episode III – Revenge of the Sith — weren’t sure what to expect. When Episode VII – The Force Awakens (2015) finally hit theaters, the reaction from the fan community was mixed.

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Some moviegoers liked the reimagining of the original trilogy’s core trio — Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), Princess Leia Organa (Carrie Fisher), and Han Solo (Harrison Ford) — with Rey (Daisy Ridley), Finn (John Boyega), and Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac). Others, though, wished Disney had gone in a completely different direction, away from the Skwyalker Saga.

Then, director Rian Johnson’s Episode VIII – The Last Jedi (2017) debuted, and very, very few fans enjoyed the film. It remains one of the most polarizing installments in the Star Wars franchise.

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No matter what you think about Luke Skywalker’s fate on Ahch-To or Rose Tico (Kelly Marie Tran) and Finn’s story arcs, though, we guarantee you’ll find yourself laughing — or, possibly, completely horrified — thanks to a face swap photo Johnson recently shared on social media. The Knives Out 2 director wrote:

My phone decided to remind me that 4 years ago today Daisy and I face-swapped and created the most cursed image of all time

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The “most cursed image” features then 25-year-old Ridley’s face swapped with Johnson’s. The director would have been aged 43 at the time. The age difference aside, the gender-bending photo is simultaneously scary and hilarious — it also goes to show that the Star Wars cast and crew had their fair share of fun on set.

As for Johnson’s future in the Star Wars universe, it was recently confirmed that his previously announced trilogy, which was thought to be scrapped following Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy’s 2020 Disney Investor Day presentation, is actually still on.

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Credit: Disney Investor Day Live Stream 2020

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Although there was a rumored leaked plotline — featuring Rey training “broom boy” in the ways of the Force — for Rian Johnson’s trilogy circulating online in 2020, details about the upcoming trio of films have not been officially announced.

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Credit: Disney Investors’ Day Livestream

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At this time, it is not known when Johnson’s new Star Wars trilogy will release, but it is likely to be several years down the road. Currently, Wonder Woman‘s Patty Jenkins is working on Star Wars: Rogue Squadron (2023), and both Taika Waititi and Marvel President Kevin Feige are working on untitled Star Wars films.

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What do you think about this funny Star Wars face swap? Are you looking forward to Rian Johnson’s Star Wars trilogy or not?

If you’re a Star Wars fan, you can currently catch up on all nine movies in the Skwyalker Saga, both seasons of Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni’s The Mandalorian, Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano’s backstory in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and more on the Disney+ streaming service 24/7! New episodes of Star Wars: The Bad Batch are currently airing on Fridays. 

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