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Iron Man animatronic at Disneyland Paris Avengers Campus

Credit: Disneyland Paris News

After years of wait, Disneyland Paris finally announced the highly anticipated Avengers Campus opening, welcoming Guests and new Avengers recruits on July 20, 2022!

Credit: Disney

With the official opening date came more announcements surrounding the immersive experience that will have Guests feeling like they’re part of earth’s mightiest heroes. These included the different dining offerings Guests will be able to find at Avengers Campus, like Stark Factory and PYM Kitchen, and more details regarding the attractions Guests will find at the land, like  Spider-Man W.E.B. Adventure, Disneyland Paris’ renamed version of WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure, in Disney California Adventure.

Spider-Man W.E.B. Adventure
Credit: Disney

However, one of the most popular and controversial announcements is the first look at the new Iron Man audio-animatronic, which will welcome recruits as they board the reimagined Avengers Assemble: Flight Force, a new adventure in which Guests will team up with Iron Man and Captain Marvel to help them save the world from an intergalactic threat.

Avengers Assemble: Flight Force at disneyland paris avengers campus
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While the audio-animatronic will be one of the most advanced ones at Disney Parks, Guests have not reacted in the best way to the announcement. The most common concern is that, in the video released across Disney Parks and Marvel social media platforms, Iron Man sounds nothing like Robert Downey Jr. Many Guests even compare the voice in the video to that of Dr. Evil, a character Mike Meyers plays in the Austin Powers film series.

Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr) and War Machine (Don Cheadle) in Civil War
Credit: Marvel Studios

Others mention that Iron Man is not supposed to be a part of the Marvel Universe anymore after the ending of Avengers: Endgame (2019), implying that Avengers Campus will not stick to the official timeline and continuity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

You can see the video down below:

Calling all recruits! Iron Man has an important announcement to make.

Another concern that came up with the release of this video was whether the animatronic would speak to Guests in English or French, as it will be located in Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris. The use of English at Disneyland Paris has been a constant debate topic. While the Park welcomes Guests from all around the world and English is perhaps a universal language, Disneyland Paris should emphasize the use of French, as the Park is located in France.

Disneyland Paris Castle
Credit: Disney

Former Imagineer Jim Shull (@JimShull) recently commented on this, saying that he was never allowed to use only English in his design work, as he shared an image of signage at Avengers Campus only using English.

Image by other. Wrapping my head around the directional graphic being in the English language only. My design work on EDL and WDSP had to account for French and English. Never was I allowed to only use English and that made for tiny font size! #Disneylandparis

While this concern is understandable, Disneyland Paris released a version of the video announcing the Iron Man audio-animatronic speaking in French. Based on this, it can be assumed that the animatronic will speak in both English and French, alternating as the audio recording loops while Guests wait in line for the attraction. However, no official word has been released by Disneyland Paris regarding the subject.

You can see the video posted by Disneyland Paris down below:

Appel à toutes les recrues ! Iron Man a une annonce importante à faire.

Despite all the mixed reactions, Guests are eager to visit Avengers Campus and experience new adventures, joining forces with their favorite superheroes and helping them in missions to protect the Earth. With characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe like LokiCaptain AmericaHawkeye, Kate BishopThe EternalsShang-Chi, Moon Knight, Scarlet Witch, and America Chavez arriving at Avengers Campus in Disney California Adventure, we can’t wait to see who will make an appearance at Avengers Campus in Walt Disney Studios Park.

Scarlet Witch at Avengers Campus
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

More on Avengers Campus at Disneyland Paris

The official Disneyland Paris News website describes Avengers Campus as follows:

Marvel Avengers Campus opens at Disneyland Paris on 07.20.2022, with the promise to empower guests to take an active role alongside Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and live out their own heroic story. Marvel Avengers Campus is an entirely reimagined universe dedicated to discovering, recruiting and training the next generation of Heroes, right here, right now in Disneyland Paris. Everyone is invited to join the action – teaming up with the Avengers and their allies throughout the land; slinging webs like Spider-Man; flying into space with Iron Man and Captain Marvel; and suiting up and re-fueling in true Super Hero fashion.

Avengers Campus at Disneyland Paris
Credit: Disneyland Paris News

Opening as part of the 30th Anniversary celebration of Disneyland Paris, Marvel Avengers Campus is the next key milestone in Walt Disney Studios Park multi-year transformation plan and represents the Resort’s next level of exceptional guest experiences. With Marvel Avengers Campus and Disney Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel, Disneyland Paris is poised to be the ULTIMATE destination for Marvel fans to live an immersive experience among their favourite Super Heroes.

Avengers Campus at Disneyland Paris
Credit: Disneyland Paris News

Imagine helping Spider-Man on a mission where you can shoot webs from your wrists, saving the universe at high speed along with Iron Man and Captain Marvel, training with Okoye and the Dora Milaje, seeing Black Widow fight evil forces, dancing with the Guardians of the Galaxy… and so much more!

More on Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is currently celebrating it’s 30th-anniversary, bringing Guests buckets of Disney magic across Disneyland Park, Walt Disney Studios Park, and Disney Village. Despite new shows like Disney D-light — the drone pre-show to the Disney Illuminations fireworks — and character cavalcade such as Dream… and Shine Brighter! in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle, perhaps the most enticing aspect of the three-decade celebration is the opening of Disney Parks’ second Avengers Campus.

Disneyland Paris parade dream and shine brighter
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Will you be joining Iron Man and the Avengers when Avengers Campus opens this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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