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Unless you’ve lived in a cave since 2018, you’ll undoubtedly know the name “Bluey.” For the past three (hopefully soon four) seasons, Bluey, Bingo, and the rest of the Heeler clan have been a part of our lives for over 150 different episodes on Disney+, and the beloved blue dog has captured our hearts and our screens ever since.

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It’s no secret that the show is changing with the presumed season four, and one of the predicted changes is that Bluey might be taking a backseat for some of the supporting characters to step in. If that’s indeed the case, it’s logical to assume that everyone’s favorite cartoon dog might be a little threatened.

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Since it’s been alluded to that the potential fourth season will expand to include many more of Bluey’s friends, fans might want to brush up on some of Bluey’s best performances. Fortunately for them, she already has her own recommended playlist.

The Official Best of Bluey

The Wheelers jumping in front of their house
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No matter what age of Bluey buff you are, the show’s official website has plenty of resources to suit your fandom needs, including a list of episodes for each of your favorite characters. While this writer is partial to Jack the Jack Russell, Bluey’s page is absolutely loaded with her best work spanning all three seasons.

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While many newcomers to the cult of the cartoon dog might be tempted to watch every single episode in order (many do), the official Bluey guide shares a whole host of episodes that show the full range of the beloved blue heeler.

“Fruitbat” (Season 1, Episode 8)

Bluey hanging with a fruitbat
Credit: Ludo Studios

“Not wanting to go to bed, Bluey tries to dream about being a nocturnal fruit bat so she can stay up all night long, and soon she finds herself flying through the night sky.”

In all honesty, many of Bluey’s season 1 episodes aren’t nearly as emotionally weighty and gripping as they are in later entries. That said, “Fruitbat” gives Ludo’s animators an opportunity to experiment with some unique visuals and techniques.

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In the words of Master Yoda, “Truly wonderful the mind of a child is.” Bluey’s dreamscape brilliantly represents that statement as she flies like one of the titular fruitbats over a world of giant board games and rugby matches with friends. While it’s not the most profound episode on the list, it’s still a sweet and wholesome entry.

“The Creek” (Season 1, Episode 29)

A cartoon image of Bluey, a blue dog with black ears and a mask, looking surprised while tiptoeing across stepping stones in a creek surrounded by foliage.
Credit: Ludo Studios

“Bored of the local playground, Dad and the kids go through the bush on a journey to their local creek. Cast out of her comfort zone, Bluey’s eyes are opened to the beauty of the natural world.”

Robert Frost told us all to take the road less traveled in high school English class, and it’s a lesson that bears repeating as Bluey, Bingo, and Mackenzie learn when Bandit takes them to the creek. As the description above suggests, the beauty of the natural world is the central theme of this episode, but it also comes with a lesson many adults still need to learn: how to get out of their comfort zones.

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To experience the calm serenity of the creek, Bluey has to traverse rugged terrain, encounter snakes and bugs, and experience a new environment before finally reaching the destination. Not all of us are big on exploring the woods in a literal sense, but Bluey’s lesson in learning to adapt is one that can benefit viewers of any age.

“Copycat” (Season 1, Episode 39)

Bluey and Bandit find the injured bird
Credit: Ludo Studio

“Bluey’s having fun copying everything Dad says and does, but the game takes a serious turn when Bluey finds a hurt budgie, and they have to make an emergency trip to the vet.”

If there’s one thing the show has mastered, it’s introducing young audiences to difficult subjects they will eventually encounter as they age. The concept of death is more than likely one lesson parents would prefer to keep from their children as long as they can. However, this episode offers a way to spark a dialogue without making things too intense.

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“Copycat” is one of the first episodes in which viewers quickly learn that Bluey isn’t the average kids’ show. Death is a part of life, and Bluey learns that lesson in an authentic and emotional way. Additionally, this episode addresses the subject of grief and helps viewers process those feelings in a healthy way.

“Camping” (Season 1, Episode 43)

Bluey meets Jean Luc in Camping
Credit: Ludo Studios

“While on a camping holiday, Bluey makes a new friend called Jean-Luc. Bluey may not understand him, but they find common language playing and hunting for a wild Daddy pig.”

“Copycat” might have been a sad episode for many viewers, but “Camping” is one that consistently renders even adult viewers into a puddle of emotional goo. Very few lines hit harder than the cold truth. Chilli drops with the line, “Well look, sometimes special people come into our lives, stay for a bit. Then they have to go.”

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While it’s safe to assume that Jean-Luc isn’t dead and that Bluey will canonically see him again if the ending is to be believed, “Camping” is how the show introduces the very real concepts of comings and goings in our daily lives.

Friends, partners, and so on might only be in our circle for a brief while, and that can be hard for many to come to grips with. We’ve all been in Bluey’s pawprints at some point in our lives, but it’s comforting to know “the bit where they were here was happy…”

“Typewriter” (Season 2, Episode 49)

Bluey using a typewriter
Credit: Ludo Studios

“Bluey, Snickers, and Winton are on their way to ask Calypso for help with their problems when they are ambushed by the Terriers and use their unique talents to get past.”

One of the show’s biggest strengths, which often goes overlooked, is its focus on imaginative play. “Typewriter” gives us a glimpse into how gifted Bluey is at creating imaginative solutions to her everyday conflicts. In a journey that semi-mimics The Wizard of Oz, Bluey and her buddies go off to see Calypso while engaging in an adventure along the way.

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That’s all cute, wholesome, and everything fans can expect from a standard-issue episode, but “Typewriter” also shows how wonderfully Bluey plays with others. With rumors circulating that the presumed fourth season will explore more of her friends, episodes like this one certainly provide more than enough evidence as to why.

“Mini Bluey” (Season 3, Episode 6)

Bluey and Bingo in Mini Bluey
Credit: Ludo Studio

“When Dad complains about how dissimilar Bluey and Bingo are, Bluey hatches a plan to make them more alike and happily introduces Mini-Bluey!”

Anyone who grew up with a sibling can relate to the core conflict between Bluey and Bingo in this little number. While it’s absolutely adorable to watch the two pups’ antics, the real clincher for this episode is the reality that as much as fans love Chilli and Bandit, the parents are still flawed characters who make mistakes.

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A breach of etiquette on Bandit’s part is hardly enough to accuse the parents of favoritism, but it does demonstrate the show’s sense of reality. Bluey and the rest of the Heeler clan have a relatable nature that keeps fans coming back for more. Parents make mistakes, but that doesn’t mean they love their kids any less.

“Rain” (Season 3, Episode 18)

Bluey and Chilli underneath a double rainbow
Credit: Ludo Studio

“When a heavy summer rain thunders over the Heeler home, Bluey is determined to dam the water in the front yard while Mum tries to stop her constantly tracking mud into the house.”

Ever hear the phrase “silence speaks volumes?” “Rain” is an episode of Bluey told entirely through visuals and music instead of dialogue or lengthy story beats.

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The premise is simple: Bluey and Chilli are seen together on a rainy day. However, the episode also shows just how much character Bluey truly has. So much emotion, playfulness, and personality are revealed through both characters involved that it’s impossible not to get sucked in. Along with episodes like “Sleepytime,” it’s another example of the animators strutting their stuff.

“Perfect” (Season 3, Episode 14)

Bluey, Bandit, and Bingo in the kitchen
Credit: Ludo Studio

“Bluey’s Father’s Day card has to be perfect, but she can’t decide what to draw! So Mum reminds her about all the fun times she’s had with Dad and how he’s not so perfect either.”

Remember what we said earlier about realistic characters in Bluey? “Perfect” represents one of the most important lessons any viewer can learn at any age. Perfection is an illusion.

As much as fans love to put Chilli and Bandit up on a pedestal as the golden standard of parenting, this episode shows multiple cases of Mum and Dad missing the mark. Mistakes are made, but both parents are quick to apologize and correct their errors. Bluey might still be coming into her own as a young artist-to-be, but she still doesn’t have to be perfect to win her family’s love.

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Granted, these entries are only eight out of the 154 episodes in the show’s canon, but they still give a well-seasoned sampling of Bluey’s range, antics, and character development across the current three seasons. Fans have a wealth of material to view at their leisure, but there’s nothing wrong with starting with this compilation.

What’s your favorite episode starring Bluey? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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