Bluey’s “Baby Daddy” Breaks the Internet

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Two cartoon dogs, one named Bluey with a book and the other darker blue, stand in a muddy forest with trees and rocks in the background.

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Last weekend, Bluey dropped the aptly named final episode, “Surprise,” onto Disney+ and Disney Junior. While fans were undoubtedly enchanted by the cute cartoon antics of our favorite family of blue heelers, a certain appearance at the end had fans frothing at the mouth.

Bluey, Bingo, and Bandit in The Weekend
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The episode itself deals with both Bluey and Bingo wanting Bandit’s attention while he juggles playing two different games with his girls and still trying to keep up with a sporting event on TV. The main idea of the episode is to demonstrate the reality of parenting while enforcing the importance of the family unit, which it does wonderfully. However, it also gives fans a sneak peek into the Heeler family’s future.

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The last few minutes of the episode reveal an older version of Bluey, Chilli, and Bandit, but there is also the presence of a little blue pup right before the credits roll. As demonstrated by @aussiegirlmargie all the internet is dying to know who they belong to.

A Big Surprise for Bluey


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Given the show’s premise and primary audience, relationship drama isn’t exactly something the series occupies itself with very often (although it does happen). So imagine the “surprise” when an obvious Heeler hybrid snuck up on Bandit with a ball blaster at the end of the episode.

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As seen with any fandom that has existed for more than a couple of years, the Bluey buffs out there immediately started making assumptions over who this little blue pup belongs to, especially since Bluey herself asks her mum what it’s like to have kids and whether or not she will have any of her own earlier on in the episode. Could this be Bluey’s future offspring?

As demonstrated by Bluey-influencer Aussie Girl Margie, the already vocal fandom have divided themselves into factions in support of who they believe Bluey’s potential spouse might be. One only has to look at the comments on the video to see just where fans’ allegiances lie.

Let the Shipping Wars Begin

Bluey meets Jean Luc in Camping
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Not since Twilight’s Edward and Jacob has a fandom been so factious, and the addition of this mysterious blue puppy only further fuels the fandom fires by sharing attributes of two of Bluey’s male friends. As ridiculous as it is to get a seven-year-old heeler puppy wrapped up in the fandom’s shipping wars, fans are already casting their lots.

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Due to the pup’s fluffy exterior, some suggest that Bluey might wind up with her border collie buddy, Mackenzie, in the future. However, his darker hues and the previously-established emotional connection have other fans rooting for Jean-Luc seen at the end of “Camping.” Moreover, there are also those fans who believe the pup might actually belong to Bingo, or even another member of the Heeler clan.

Joe Brumm and the rest of the Bluey creative team are notorious for baiting viewers with easter eggs and nods to past and future episodes. A more accurate way to interpret this new addition might be that fans can expect to see Bluey, Bingo, and all their friends grow with the show. Either way, this might not be last time we see this new character.

Are you team Jean-Luc or team Mackenzie? Tell Inside the Magic who you think the pup belongs to in the comments below!

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