Bluey’s Back! New Season on the Horizon, Producer Confirms

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Rusty plays cricket in Bluey

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Now that “The Sign” has finally aired on Disney+, the question on everyone’s mind is, “What’s next for Bluey?” While it was confirmed months ago that the series is far from finished, a recent update from the producers has Bluey buffs biting their nails.

Ending of Flatpack in Bluey
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To say that the show has had a tremendous impact on modern audiences would be a grand and glorious understatement as one of the most watched shows currently streaming, Bluey, Bingo, and the rest of their cartoon canine cohorts have made a huge splash with its international audience largely thanks to Disney+ and Disney Junior. However, only one episode remains before the creators take their previously announced hiatus.

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For the record, Bluey isn’t going anywhere, and fans should have nothing to worry about as Ludo’s creative minds have promised to take the time to learn how to make the show better, but that might not be the only thing they are dedicating their time to learning.

Bluey WILL Be Back…

Bluey and her family dance at a wedding.
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Although “The Sign” and the upcoming “Surprise” are the endgame for season 3, season 4 should not only be expected but also be a chance for the show to evolve in a big way. Last week, Bluey producer Sam Moor shared the following statement with BBC Radio 4.

“No, it is not the end for Bluey. I’m sure we have many more surprises in store for you… We have more in store and we are thinking of what would be next.”

While this sentiment isn’t old news, as the show’s official Twitter post made a similar promise months ago, thinking about what would be next. While several interesting plot points were made during the 28-minute-long special, one of the first elements to grab the audience’s attention was its length, which was almost four times the average Bluey episode. “The Sign” might have just been the first taste of something bigger to come.

Bigger and Better

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It might be the case that Uncle Rad’s and Aunt Frisky’s wedding was only step one in the show’s expansion, especially considering that Bluey creator Joe Brumm has stated on the record that he’d like to do longer episodes.

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In an interview with Deadline, Brum stated,

“I’m loving going longer on ‘The Sign’, and I’d love to try to go longer — I definitely would not rule that out. That’s why I’m very interested to see how The Sign goes down with the audience. Obviously it’s four times as long as a normal episode. Will the audience accept a stint with a longer story?”

Since fans have been promised the show’s return, that more is reportedly in store, and the show’s creator has confirmed his interest in making longer episodes, all signs seem to point toward this being the next logical leap for our beloved Bluey.

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Fans can guess, speculate, and form their own fan theories as much as they please, but there are no solid answers at this point in the game. However, they can take comfort in knowing they will see their beloved blue heeler from Brisbane again. Thankfully, we still have over 150 episodes on Disney+ to binge to our hearts’ content.

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