‘Bluey’ Faces Fat-Phobia and Racism Accusations

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Bandit is Fatshamed in Bluey

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Bluey is undoubtedly a huge character in the lives of many animation fans, but the Heelers and their heartwarming antics might be treading on thin ice.

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There’s hardly an Australian or a Disney+ subscriber who doesn’t know about the smash hit from Ludo Studios, as Bluey has been making waves in the realms of children’s programming and parenting as well. However, recent reports show that some viewers are decidedly upset about the direction the show has taken.

Bad News for Bluey

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Bluey has often been cited as a kids’ show that parents will enjoy as well, but a more accurate descriptor might be that it’s a show about parenting that kids will enjoy. As delightful as the episodes “Keepy Uppy” and “Sleepytime” are, the show has made headlines for tackling tougher subjects.

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Fear of abandonment, infertility, miscarriages, and the death of a family member are all topics covered over the course of the show’s current three seasons, and they’re done in a way children can understand without being confused or frightened. However, some believe these episodes might be too much for younger viewers.

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Mature subjects are one thing, but Bluey has also been under fire for insensitivity and crude humor from the censors and parents. Recent reports share that the series has been overly censored here in the States, as references to bathroom humor and fart jokes were edited for the American release on Disney+ and Disney Junior.


Fake dog doo and “fluffies” aside, the show has also been accused of harboring a fatphobic and body shaming agenda. A report from The Guardian shared that some viewers might find that the episode “Exercise” contains triggering material as Bluey and Bingo help their dad with an at-home workout. The report also adds that part of the episode has been removed due to Bluey encouraging Bandit to do some exercise after finding himself a bit on the pudgy side.

Bandit in 'Bluey'
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While neither the edited nor the original version have hit Disney+ yet, this isn’t the first time Bluey has been accused of being insensitive. Recently, Inside the Magic reported a similar scenario in which a journalist accused the show of not being inclusive enough and that its lack of diverse casting essentially made Bluey too white.

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In a report from ABC’s Beverly Wang, the journalist shared her thoughts on Bluey by attacking it’s casting and character choices. Wang stated,

“We live in a world where the majority of main characters on children’s television are white; where there are more animals than people of colour protagonists populating the pages of children’s books… Where are the disabled, queer, poor, gender diverse, dogs of colour and single-parent dog families in Bluey’s Brisbane? If they’re in the background, let them come forward.”

To take a cue from Bandit Heeler, “it’s just monkeys singing songs, mate. Don’t think too hard about it.”

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Disney has had to battle with sensors off and on a lot recently, but something like Bluey constantly having to go under the knife teeters on the ridiculous. It’s not about the hard topics or even the fart jokes, but the fact that the show has a sense of reality unseen in other children’s media.

 Bluey creator Daley Pearson said it best,

“We are really trying to keep the integrity of ‘this is what your parents are like’ and ‘this is what you are really like. This is a family of blue heelers, but we are trying to keep this as true to life as possible.”

Sometimes, keeping it real is the best way to keep it. Hopefully, creators, distributors, and censors will soon reach an agreement so we all can have more Bluey in our lives.

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