Fan Demands Darker ‘Bluey’ Episode, It Could Actually Happen

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Bingo scared of something in Bluey

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Whether you’re a kid or one of the legions of grownup watchers, it’s a safe bet you’ve heard of Bluey at the very least. The Australian animated series from Ludo Studios has taken Disney fans by storm and has become an infectious pop culture phenomenon.

The Wheelers jumping in front of their house
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As much as it teaches kids empathy and essential life lessons, it’s also been recognized for the emotional experience it gives the parents watching the show. Some have stated it’s a kids’ show made with their parents in mind, but others might think it sets the bar too high.

This Episode of Bluey is Called “Mad Dad”

Bluey with a shocked expression
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While it might be made with a kindergartener audience in mind, most of its episodes dive into lessons about “for real life” issues, such as the importance of inclusion, understanding divorce, and even death; the list goes on. However, some parents are having a tough time relating to an unrealistic standard set by the Heeler family.

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No parents are perfect, not even Chili and Bandit Heeler. While the series has shown both of Bluey’s parents displaying their potential for error, such as when Bandit plays too rough with Bingo in “Yoga Ball” or a miscommunication leading to hurt feelings in “Leaf Bug,” one fan suggests the show doesn’t go hard enough.

Bandit in 'Bluey'
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Steve Esparra of The Hard Times posted a satirical article claiming to want an episode where Bandit loses his temper on Bluey and Bingo in a destructive way. While it might be out of character for a certain cartoon dog, Bandit does not represent every journey of fatherhood.

Esparra writes,

“Forget unrealistic beauty standards, the real media lie is that all parents maintain calm and collected, ready with a lesson to be taught at all times like The Heelers do. It’s not all Sleepytime and Baby Race in the real world; parents these days need vindication if they aggressively grab their kid by the ear and yell profanities like an oil rig worker (shout out Uncle Rad!) for all to witness. Bluey and Bingo need to have the fear of whatever Australia’s version of God is put into them.”

To say the author’s take is a bit abrasive is more than an understatement. Overkill aside, Esparra does raise a good point about seeing Bandit lose his cool.

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While it might not happen to the previously seen extreme, Bluey is capable of showing parents in a flawed light. As demonstrated by the episode “Bad Mood,” everyone gets upset. In “Sheepdog,” the episode goes out of the way to show the reality of how overwhelming parenting is and doesn’t shy away from it.

Bluey finds Chattermax in Bluey Game
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The nugget of truth the Hard Times article is hiding in plain sight is that parents, like any human, can make massive mistakes. The lesson to be learned is that admitting to being wrong is something everyone has to learn to do, from pups to grown-ups.

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Does that mean fans could see Bandit or Chili going wild at their kids? Possibly, but not to a destructive extreme. With Bluey still technically on hiatus, it’s hard to press our yes/no buttons on this one.

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