“You’ll Cry So Much,” ‘Bluey Creator Warns Viewers

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The long-awaited Bluey special is literally days away, and “The Sign” is predicted to be the most streamed episode in the show’s history. While fans are on pins and needles over the exciting new development, Bluey creator Joe Brumm issued a word of warning for what might soon be considered his greatest work.

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Bluey is no stranger to emotionally charged episodes, especially when it approaches topics of death, divorce, and other big life changes, so it makes perfect sense that a 28-minute wedding event would be just as moving. However, how emotional can it be when the creator practically tells viewers to have their tissues ready?

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Now that the show is officially in the endgame of season 3, Brumm has made several statements regarding the future of the beloved blue heeler from Brisbane. However, his recent statements to Deadline might have more than a few fans on edge.

Prepare to Cry: Joe Brumm Talks Bluey

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Much has been said about “The Sign” in the days counting down to Bluey’s final episodes. However, the show’s creator has not been silent. An interview shows just how much Joe Brumm has invested in giving his show the ultimate sendoff.

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The episode is said to be the longest the show has ever created, and Brumm opened up about his thoughts during an exclusive interview with Deadline.

“I’m loving going longer on ‘The Sign’, and I’d love to try to go longer – I definitely would not rule that out…That’s why I’m very interested to see how “The Sign” goes down with the audience. Obviously, it’s four times as long as a normal episode. Will the audience accept a stint with a longer story?”

Although the comment above doesn’t say much about the episode’s plot, it does allude to bigger and better Bluey episodes in our future—possibly even a movie. However, Brumm elaborates on why the series has affected audiences, particularly the parents in the room.

Brumm states,

“Most of the episodes that have cut through with adults are based on something real… Usually they’re related to something I’ve learned having kids, or my wife has experienced or just something I notice that my kids keep doing. An episode really wouldn’t start until I’d found a bit of truth like that. I wouldn’t necessarily understand it and often the episode is an exploration of that.”

That’s all very insightful, but the creator also adds why so many parents and adult viewers have been brought to tears with multiple episodes.

“[Family interactions] form the bedrock of Bluey episodes. And that’s why kids and adults see themselves reflected in it. You love your children to death and they change you completely. They pull your insides out. You’ll cry so much more as parents, but there is so much more reward and meaning.”

Behind Blue Dogs

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In this writer’s opinion, “The Sign” is shaping up to be pivotal in Bluey’s career because both the audience and the show’s creators have emotionally invested themselves in it. For the audience, it’s become a form of inner child healing or reassurance regarding their own parenting journey. For Joe Brumm, his creation has gained a sense of reality that few animated series have mastered.

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While the series will be on an extended hiatus, it’s not over. The show has made it clear on its socials that things are only going to improve from here, and fans will be getting more Bluey in the future. “The Sign” premieres April 14, 2024; fans can find it streaming on Disney+, Disney Junior, and other platforms.

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