One Last Lesson: Bluey Learns About Change

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Bandit and Bingo in Stickbird

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Bluey’s third season is coming to an end, and there’s no getting around it. Cut to blue, roll the credits, cue the melodica outro and dancing dog, but she’s not going out without playing one last game with her fans.

Chilli sits with her dad in Bluey
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Whether you want a valuable life lesson or just want an ice cream, there’s no denying that Bluey has had a tremendous effect on our popular culture. This season might be ending within the next couple of weeks, but not without imparting perhaps the most crucial lesson in the show’s existence.

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The final two (now three) episodes are essential viewing for any Bluey fan, but not just because Bluey, Bingo, and the rest of their cartoon canine crew are up to their usual animated antics. The show has dealt with a wide range of heavy subjects that continue to be relatable with its enormous fanbase, but while the typical viewer might not have to deal with turtleboys, picking nits, or climbing Mount Mumandad, everyone has to cope with change.

This Episode of Bluey is Called “Acceptance”

Two animated characters from Bluey in colorful outfits inside a building, one excitedly throwing hands up and the other smiling with arms raised.
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“Ghostbasket” and the yet-to-be-released special “The Sign” are two of the biggest entries in season 3. While the latter wedding episode is set to be the “biggest ever” at 28 minutes long, “Ghostbasket” sets the scene for the biggest lesson audiences could take away from the beloved animated series.

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In the episode, the Heelers play a game of pretend that features Bandit as a realtor trying to sell a house to Chilli that grannies Janet and Rita are more than resistant to part with. While the typical cartoon hijinx ensue, there’s a deeper element at work that even this writer missed on his first viewing, particularly when the camera pans away to reveal a real for-sale sign in the Heeler’s yard.

Australia’s ABC News shares how “Ghostbasket” is a platform for parents to talk about massive life changes with their children. The report shares,

“Big life changes can arrive unannounced, wreak havoc and sometimes even leave lifelong scars, so helping children work through them is important… What happens to children when confronted with a big life change? And how can you help them when things get too much?”

These are the questions “Ghostbasket” and other episodes of Bluey are made to answer, and the concept of change isn’t limited to the show’s younger demographic either.

What’s Changing?

Four animated dogs, including Bluey, with human-like expressions standing in front of a colorful house, each showcasing a different emotion.
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In the words of the immortal David Bowie, “Time may change me, but I can’t trace time.” Just as Bluey and Bingo are suddenly shocked by the idea of changing houses, so too might the audience be affected by other massive life events. The upcoming wedding episode might be the biggest example on the calendar, but it’s not the only subject the show has dealt with.

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In its own sweet way, Bluey has cleverly and gently addressed the subjects of death, divorce, cheating, and even infant loss, just to name a few. Despite its colorful exterior, the show has made these difficult topics more accessible for young fans to comprehend while still providing a sense of reassurance for any adults in the room.

As Bluey and Bingo have demonstrated time and time again, games are much more fun when everyone can play. Change is an element of life that affects everyone, regardless of age. But that doesn’t mean we don’t all need a little reassurance and tenderness when the big life events finally do happen.

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