‘Bluey’ NOT Ending with “The Sign,” Massive Update Leaks

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Uncle Rad and Aunt Frisky seen in Bluey

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If you are one of the countless Bluey fans watching the show’s social media posts like a hawk, you know much has been said about the enormous 28-minute wedding episode. However, per @aussiegirlmargie’s footage, Disney Junior audiences in Turkey and India received a special treat that followed the long-awaited episode “The Sign.”


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♬ original sound – Aussie Girl Margie

There have been two major leaks surrounding the final episodes of the beloved animated series. While most fans around the world are still waiting for “The Sign” to drop on Disney Junior and Disney+, audiences in Turkey have already seen the hyped-up, “biggest ever” episode. Not only is this unusual for Disney, but it’s also highly unusual that fans outside of Bluey’s native Australia haven’t even seen the final two episodes.

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No, we didn’t stutter. There are actually two episodes left in the series, as recently revealed by the creator above. Aussie Girl Margie goes into further detail on both her Tiktok page and Youtube channel, but it’s still a safe bet most of Bluey’s very vocal fanbase were more than a little “surprised” at this new revelation.

“Surprise” Leaks Bluey Finale


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♬ original sound – Aussie Girl Margie

In a report that took even this major Bluey buff by surprise, the Australian content creator shared that “The Sign” might be the biggest episode, but it won’t be the last. Although Australian audiences have known about the last three episodes, this is still news to American viewers. However, “Surprise” feels like it comes out of nowhere, especially since it has had no American marketing (at least that this writer could find).

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While the creator mentions that the trailer for this new development aired on Disney Junior France, she also mentions that Disney Junior India has had all three new episodes out for the past ten months. If that is indeed true, than Australian and American fans might be missing out on some key information regarding Bluey’s future.

What This Means for Us

Bluey with Headphones on
Credit: bluey.tv/Ludo

Although her core fanbase might have to wait a little longer than most, Bluey’s new episodes are still going to be made readily available for the rest of the world after “The Sign” premieres on April 14, 2024. However, “Surprise” might have some major reveals that shape the direction of the predicted fourth season.

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The show is still going on its scheduled hiatus, but that doesn’t mean it’s all over. Bluey creator Joe Brumm and the rest of the show’s creative team has made it clear that things are far from finished, but the presence of a third new episode is still more enough to stir things up.

We will continue to update as the show progresses. Until then, stay tuned to Inside the Magic for more Bluey developments.

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