‘Bluey’ Closes Doors, Official Production House Auctioned Off

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Bluey with Headphones on

Credit: bluey.tv/Ludo

Big things are happening in Brisbane as Bluey nears its final chapters. With recent updates surrounding the massive finale coming to Disney+ and Disney Junior, as well as talk of the show’s cancelation, fans around the world have been going absolutely bananas.

A cheerful group of animated dogs, including Bluey, with flower crowns happily posing together for a picture.
Credit: Ludo Studios

As the season wraps up before its long-expected hiatus, Ludo Studio continues to tease and breadcrumb viewers into hysterics over what has been marketed as “the biggest ever.” However, one recent development might be the show’s biggest stunt thus far.

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Inside the Magic recently covered updates surrounding the show’s ending, but Bluey made a very interesting update over the weekend. Just after its most recent episode premiered, in which a “for sale” sign went up in their yard, Bluey’s official residence just went on the market as the Heelers sold their house on Domain.

Bluey For Sale!

Bluey's house goes up for auction.
Credit: Ludo/Domain

As Bluey comes to a close, Ludo has done the unthinkable to solidify the moment by actually putting the Heeler house up for sale on Australia’s Domain.com. The studio is literally auctioning off the animated piece of real estate seen in the show, and it even comes with the following sales pitch.

The listing reads,

“A quaint, animated family home nestled in an undisclosed Brisbane location that could be in Red Hill or The Gap (we’ll never tell), with mid-century design aesthetics offset by whimsical touches. The quintessential Queenslander, radiating heritage charm, complete with upwards of 100 hidden small long dogs to be found.”

“Illustrated lovingly at the end of a cul-de-sac, this house sits atop a hill with views of Mount Coot-Tha. This 3 bedroom, 4 (ish) bathroom home boasts of work-from-home spaces, lovely period floorboards, and mysterious hallways that don’t logically seem to join spaces together but always feel cohesive and purposeful. Perfect for endless play and games with the family.”

“The kitchen is flush with a cozy colour palette whilst featuring silky oak worktops that are perfect for most culinary feats (duck cakes excluded) and revered by fancy French chefs. Bi-fold doors provide an open flow to the large back deck, creating an airy and idyllic setting for Birthday parties, BBQs and Origin nights (QLD’s gunna FLOG YA).”

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For those who haven’t figured it out, the listing is a publicity stunt meant to promote the finale and tie in with yesterday’s “Ghostbasket.” Be that as it may, Ludo also gives its viewers a major portion of fan service before the big day.

But Wait, There’s More!

Bluey Watching a Rugby Match
Credit: Ludo

Not only does the listing provide artistic shots of the property owned by the Heeler family, but the page also has several Easter eggs that tie back to the show. Eagle-eyed viewers will notice references to Bluey and Bingo’s pretend games, Bandit’s “fancy French chef,” and the rugby game seen in “The Decider.” There’s even a reference to Bucky Dunstan from Bandit’s childhood (“I think he’s a real estate agent now.”).

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As delightful as that is, Ludo also leaves the reader with the following teaser.

“Watch the 28-minute Bluey special episode ‘The Sign’ at 8 am on Sunday, April 14, on ABC Kids and ABC iview. This is an exciting opportunity for all families around the world to see if this beloved, iconic house becomes home to a lucky new family.”

Anyone else catch that “If” and “Lucky?” Bluey might not be leaving in the way some fans might think, but something is definitely in the works. All will be revealed when “The Sign” hits our screens.

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