Episodes to Watch Before ‘Bluey’ Ends

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Bandit, Chilli, Bingo, and Bluey together

Credit: Ludo Studios

Things are quickly heating up over at Ludo Studios as Bluey prepares for the massive, 28-minute-long finale for season 3. Social media has been buzzing with excitement as new teasers and trailers reveal more and more about the “Biggest Bluey Ever,” but it’s not just about the adventure, romance, and old friends alluded to in some of the footage. No, this animated event is going to take some homework.

The Wheelers jumping in front of their house
Credit: Ludo Studio / Outright Games

The show has spent over 150 different episodes, many of which are coming to fruition with one grand finale. Eagle-eyed viewers have already picked up on the winks and nods connecting other events in the Bluey canon, and these are more than a few helpings of fan service. Rare characters are expected to return, secrets will be revealed, and the Heeler Family will be changed forever.

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Since fans still have some time to play a little Keepy Uppy, they can binge the entirety of the current three seasons with time to spare before the official final episode drops on April 14, 2024. However, since we can’t all be ride-or-die Bluey buffs, there’s a much more comprehensive way to catch all the references before the curtain closes.

Get Ready for a Bluey Binge

Bandit works out in Bluey
Credit: Ludo Studios

Unless you have children in your home or are one of the hundreds of adult fans that regularly watch the show (present company included), you might only have a rudimentary knowledge of Bluey, Bingo, and the rest of their cartoon canine companions. However, this article provides a quick crash course on what episodes to hit before the big day arrives.

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At the time of writing, Ludo Studios has been breadcrumbing its audience for days with little hints and reveals in trailers and social media posts. In what promises to be Bluey’s finest hour, the studio has promised that “all signs lead to adventure, romance, and old friends” in the promotional material for the event. Seasoned Bluey buffs will know that the show doesn’t just randomly add things.

It should be understood that while there is still much left to be revealed about the new episode, this list consists of specific episodes that received callbacks in the promotional material we’ve seen thus far. There is still plenty of time between now and the premiere for Joe Brumm and his team at Ludo to make something new happen, but the following entries should be solid enough to have a basic understanding of the story that’s currently set to unfold.

“Camping” (Season 1, Episode 43)

Bluey meets Jean Luc in Camping
Credit: Ludo Studios

Although this episode is more or less an honorable mention, we do have reason to include it. More on that later. “Camping” is one of the many Bluey adventures that starts out with something deceptively simple and turns into an emotional roller coaster with minimal warning.

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In this episode, the Heelers take a camping trip out in the woods, where Bluey meets Jean-Luc, a French-Canadian black lab who doesn’t speak English. Despite the obvious language barrier, the two manage to communicate, and a close friendship is born. Unfortunately, Bluey is unable to understand when Jean-Luc and his family have to leave.

The reason this episode deserves a rewatch is because the ads have hinted at “old friends” returning for the season finale (seen here). Keep Jean-Luc in mind as the plot thickens.

“Double Babysitter” (Season 2, Episode 39)

Uncle Rad and Aunt Frisky seen in Bluey
Credit: Ludo Studio

If there’s one episode on the list that is a mandatory watch, it’s “Double Babysitter.” The finale, simply titled “The Sign,” will be focused around Uncle Rad and Aunt Frisky’s wedding, so what better place to start than when they first met?

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Due to a scheduling mishap, Rad and Frisky are called in to babysit the girls while Chilli and Bandit go out for the night. What transpires is an absolutely adorable meet-cute that essentially turns into a first date between the two adults in the room.

If it wasn’t obvious, this episode warrants a watch simply because it focuses on the romance between “The Sign’s” bride and groom. Additionally, the episode subtly acts as a commentary on relationships, especially with Aunt Frisky’s comments about learning to trust again after breaking up with her “stinky dragon” boyfriend.

“Onesies” (Season 3, Episode 32)

Brandy seen in Bluey
Credit: Ludo Studio

There’s no sugarcoating it; this episode will be hard for some fans to watch. However, the bittersweet atmosphere felt by Aunt Brandy’s plight in “Onesies” might only be temporary if the recent reports are to be believed.

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Aunt Frisky and Uncle Rad aren’t the only characters who will be affected by the events of “The Sign.” This episode introduces audiences to Chilli’s sister, Brandy. While not said directly in the episode’s dialogue, it’s heavily implied that Brandy cannot have children, and it’s shifted her emotional health to the point that she has been out of contact with her sister and her family for years. Will she finally have her happy ending?

According to a reveal pointed out in the Bluey fanbase, Brandy might announce her pregnancy after the wedding. While the images seen in both the international and Australian trailers were brief, it was all but confirmed.

“TV Shop” (Season 3, Episode 45)

Cornelius on a Date in Bluey
Credit: Ludo Studios

“TV Shop” has nothing to do with Rad, Frisky, or their upcoming wedding, but it has everything to do with a romance arc 15 episodes in the making. As Bluey, Bingo, and a few of their friends play with the CCTV screens at the chemists’ (drug store to American viewers), a different story unfolds in the background.

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The core focus of this episode is Bluey and all her friends communicating through the screens in a drug store where a quest to communicate with Coco the poodle ensues. However, there are other things at work in this eccentric outing.

Longtime Bluey buffs might have noticed Cornelius, Winton’s dad, appearing in the backdrops of various episodes. Typically, the large Bulldog can be seen on dates with various lady dogs; in “TV Shop,” we see him not only still coping with the after-effects of his divorce (hinted at in the episode “Helicopter) but he later hits it off with the Terrier’s mum. For further proof, take a look at what Ludo posted just a few days ago.

“Slide” (Episode 46)

Bingo and Lila slide in Bluey season 3
Credit: Ludo Studios

Similar to “TV Shop,” this episode has nothing to do with the core Bluey cast members but everything to do with a returning background character. A butterfly symbolizing Bingo and Lyla’s friendship might be a minor detail, but it has a much more significant role to play in the grand scheme of the show. Another teaser from Ludo revealed that the blue butterfly from the episode would return, but it might not travel alone.

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“The Slide” sees Bingo and Lyla playing on a new waterslide in the backyard, as cute little pups are want to do. However, their kindness towards the insects in the backyard pays off as they see a caterpillar transform into a butterfly with a very familiar color scheme.

Remember what we said about Jean Luc? Given the similar palates of both the lab and the butterfly, it might be safe to assume that “The Sign” could reunite Bluey and her French-speaking friend from the camping episode. It’s a bit of a grasp, but not without reason.

It All Ends Here

Bluey with Headphones on
Credit: bluey.tv/Ludo

Bluey’s third season will conclude with the episodes “Ghostbasket” and “The Sign” on April 7 and 14, 2024. With the previously mentioned episodes in mind, it’s clear that a lot is being built up before the season ends. The show creators have confirmed that the last episode will be a whopping 28 minutes long and could very well change the series as fans know it.

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Although the finale has yet to premiere, one thing that can be confirmed is that the core motif is that of change. As Bluey, Bingo, and the rest of the animated cast prepare for the oncoming changes that the wedding (and possible pregnancy announcement) represent, so must the viewers prepare for the changes announced by Ludo.

Bandit reading a story to Bluey and Bingo
Credit: Ludo Studio

The show’s popularity is certainly no secret to the creators, but that doesn’t change the fact that the series will still take its previously scheduled hiatus before returning for season 4. Change is a part of life, and that’s a lesson that both the intended younger viewers and any adult Bluey fans in the room can certainly benefit from.

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While it might be the last bit of Bluey we see for a while, Ludo Studios has promised to go out with a bang with this exciting new episode. Given what fans can deduce from both the marketing and the episodes mentioned above, the creators are leaving no loose ends untied for the season finale.

Are you one of the bevy of Bluey buffs ready to binge these episodes before the big day? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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