What to Expect From the New ‘Bluey’ Episodes

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Bluey with Headphones on

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The long-awaited final installment of Bluey season three hit Disney+ and Disney Junior today, and die-hard Bluey buffs (this writer included) are already binging. So, how do the new adventures measure up?

Bluey Watching a Rugby Match
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Unless you’ve been living in a cave since 2019, you’ll undoubtedly know the name “Bluey.” By extension, you’ll also be familiar with how much of an emotional weight the show is known for. That’s certainly no exception with these ten new episodes.

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The final portion of season three just landed on American shores after being kept under the Australian sun since April. Along with the upcoming season finale, fans have been looking forward to these new episodes with a heated and heavy sense of anticipation. Disney+ subscribers officially have 150 episodes ready to binge to their hearts’ content, but what lies in wait in this new season?

Bluey All New-y

The Wheelers jumping in front of their house
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Season 3C finishes with ten new episodes, making for a grand total of 47. The last installment sees the Heeler family taking a trip to the beach and its aftermath, but it also takes a surprising dive into emotional health and relationships the further the season progresses.

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While everyone is bound to have their favorite, we’ve culminated a brief summary of each new episode and what viewers can expect before starting their Bluey binge. While Disney+ does offer descriptions in its dropdown bar, the streaming service only provides a bare minimum. Hopefully, our assessment provides a more thorough assessment.

WARNING: Mild spoilers beyond this point.


Bluey and Bingo playing
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The new dose of Bluey hits viewers hard and fast with a maximum cuteness overload as Bluey and Bingo build a cubby for their stuffed puppy. However, things get a bit out of hand once they turn the living room into a mansion-sized pillow fort.

As far as opening episodes go, this one is decent but not nearly as emotional as “Bedroom.” It works by the logic of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, but the shared theming between the first episode of season 3A and season 3C is undoubtedly noticeable. Plus, it’s always fun to see bathroom humor at Bandit’s expense.


Bandit works out in Bluey
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The premise of the episode itself is relatively simple, Bluey and Bingo pretend to be office workers while using Bandit as a living prop for all their corporate needs during his workout (such as him lifting them like an elevator). It’s cute, but it also comes with a side of controversy as well.

When the episode first premiered in Bluey’s native Australia, it was met with a ton of backlash over an apparently fatphobic sequence and playful banter between the characters. As a result, Ludo and ABC nixed the opening minutes and cut right to the chase with Bandit working out in the backyard. It was silly, but at least it wasn’t Disney’s doing this time.


The Heelers on Vacation in Bluey
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This is the first entry in the beach trip story arc with the Heelers arriving at a resort for a summer holiday, but the episode is surprisingly more about Chilli than Bluey or Bingo. As the kids run rampant around the suite, their mom struggles to get everything together so that she can relax.

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“Relax” is one of those episodes that is intentionally made for the parents and adults watching the show, and there are legions that do. There’s no question that many moms in the audience can relate to Chilli’s plight of simply forgetting how to relax, but a little encouragement always goes a long way.


Bandit and Bingo in Stickbird
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Appropriately, “Stickbird” essentially picks up where the ending of “Relax” left off, and took the Heeler family to the beach. However, as with most of Bluey’s best episodes, there’s more to it than just a trip to the shore or the titular Stickbird.

As Bluey, Bingo, and Chilli enjoy their beach day, Bandit is giving a 1000 yard stare at different points in the episode. What begins as a bonding day by the water soon turns into a discussion on dealing with negative emotions like anger and disappointment, especially when Bluey gives the spiel about throwing away those feelings and her dad takes it to heart.

“Show and Tell”

Bluey, Bandit, and Bingo in a car
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One of the weaker but necessary episodes in season 3C, but one that both parents and children can definitely benefit from. The episode is essentially Bandit showing his girls why he has to “boss them around” while parenting, using their SATNAV as an illustration, but (once more) it’s not just for one type of viewer.

Parenting is hard, and most parents are likely raising Muffins more than they are Bluey and Bingo. However, “Show and Tell” grants a perfect opportunity for both parents and kids to have a learning and bonding experience. In short, the episode goes out of its way to show rather than tell.


Bandit, Bluey, and Chilli on a quest
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Similar to “Escape,” “Dragon” tells a story with the Heelers assuming the roles of fantasy characters on a quest to slay a dragon told through each character’s crayon drawings. However, Chilli swoops in like the magical mom that she is when Bluey starts to feel that her developing art style isn’t as epic as the adventure deserves.

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Easily this writer’s favorite episode in the new series, the adventure takes a dive from “old-timey elfy stories” to an emotional depth. Once more, Bandit’s mental health takes center stage as the audience is shown how nurturing an interest (like drawing) can help it grow.

“Wild Girls”

Coco, Indie, and Chloe in Bluey
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The series has shown that sometimes the best episodes are when Bluey and Bingo aren’t involved (we’re talking about you, “Army”), and “Wild Girls” is 3C’s mandatory intermission focusing more on Indy and Coco. When the two friends have a disagreement about their imaginary cavedog game, Coco learns that sometimes games can evolve and change for the better.

This episode is definitely more directed at the show’s intended audience, but the subtext and subtle messages seen in the girls’ overlapping games is enjoyable to watch. Just as the primative wild girls evolve into stone age farmers, so too do friendships.

“TV Shop”

Bluey and Bingo on a CCTV
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Where most of the previous episodes had an equal share of heartfelt message and cartoon antics, “TV Shop” is undoubtedly more focused on that second camp, as well as an excuse for the animators to show off a little bit. After all, visual storytelling is definitely one of the show’s biggest strengths.

On a trip with their dad to the chemist (that’s pharmacy to us over here in the states), Bluey and Bingo spy their friends on the CCTV cameras and a compact adventure ensues as the kids find each other throughout the store. The music and animation are truly the stars of the show, and the team at Ludo obviously had a good time making this one happen.


Bingo and Lila slide down the yard
Ludo Studio

To quote Master Yoda, truly wonderful the mind of a child is. Like “Cubby,” “Slide” is just an opportunity for the characters to be cute and wholesome, and Bingo and Lila have that down to a science. How much more sweet and precious can you be when you’re picking ladybugs off of a slip-and-slide on a sunny day?”

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Like so many episodes in this adorable series, this is one of those where you can just turn your brain off and let the serotonin fix wash over you. It doesn’t all have to be a Keepy Uppy contest after all. That’s where the final episode comes in.


Rusty plays cricket
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Not all American viewers are going to be familiar with the ins and outs of cricket, but this episode should provide them with enough understanding to appreciate the heart and humor. When Rusty goes up to bat in a neighborhood game of cricket, his batsman backstory is recalled through a series of throws, swings, and hits.

Most viewers might be more familiar with baseball, but the passion for the game is still there, and Rusty’s relationship with it, his family, and his technique are all brilliantly told in a surprisingly engaging way for a kids show. Still, you won’t catch us going up to bat against Tiny anytime soon.

Is This the End of Bluey?

Makenzie in Bluey episode Space
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Season 3C ultimately brings things to a close for the time being, as the animators are scheduled to take an extended hiatus to rest and decide where to take the show next. However, fans still have the 28-minute long season finale to look forward to.

That said, Disney+ subscribers still have a grand total of 150 episodes to watch and rewatch until the finale finally airs. If the show’s massive fanbase is anything to go by, there is some healthy rewatch value across all three available seasons.

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In this writer’s opinion, it’s honestly incredible to see how much Bluey and her titular series have grown. There’s definitely some Adventure Time vibes going on here as the show has expanded from the Heeler house to all of Brisbane and beyond. With any luck, we’ll be able to return to join Bluey, Bingo, and all their friends for one last game.

Did you get emotional over the new episodes of Bluey? Tell Inside the Magic what you thought in the comments down below!

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