Bluey Brings ‘Doctor Who’ to Disney+

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Bluey brings Doctor Who to Disney

Credit: Inside the Magic

Thanks to its partnership with Disney+ and Ludo, Bluey has an international audience and worldwide acclaim. However, another blue-hued figure might be well on the heeler’s heels.

The Wheelers jumping in front of their house
Credit: Ludo Studio / Outright Games

The magical streaming service of the Walt Disney Company is home to a wide variety of Disney-owned films, series, and specials, but it’s also brought a handful of international releases to a more accessible platform. Disney+ allows subscribers to enjoy things like Kizazi Motto, Snowdrop, and the ever-popular Bluey.

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The iconic Australian animated series comes to Disney with a partnership with Ludo Studio and BBC, and to say that the show has been a smash would be a grand and glorious understatement. Audiences everywhere are absolutely in love with the Heeler family and the canine version of their beloved Brisbane, but this isn’t the only BBC production to be distributed by Disney.

Doctor Who Makes Disney+ Debut

Doctor Who on Disney+
Credit: Disney

Whovians have been waiting on pins and needles as they await not one but three new specials coming to Disney+ starting November 25, 2023. Not only is the streaming service preparing to usher in an era of New Who with David Tennant reprising his iconic role as the Doctor, but it might be the new platform to catch up on all the time-traveling fun with the introduction of the next Time Lord.

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This is a huge win for Disney, as Doctor Who is one of the last century’s biggest and most beloved TV shows. Having perhaps the most iconic modern Doctor usher the series onto the platform is undoubtedly a major statement, but this writer can’t help but think that it wouldn’t be possible without a certain cartoon dog.

David Tennant as the Doctor in the 60th anniversary special of 'Doctor Who', standing in the doorway of the TARDIS
Credit: BBC

The Disney/Doctor Who announcement was made in 2022, and fans have been anxious for the premier ever since, but could the success of Bluey on the streaming service in 2019 have played a part in this partnership with the BBC? The Doctor has been around far longer than Bluey, Bingo, Bandit, and Chili, but both fanbases are incredibly vocal about new episodes.

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Both kids and adults have an affinity towards Bluey, just as viewers of all ages have been enchanted by the man in the big blue box. The Doctor’s arrival on Disney+ might only have been possible with the company’s involvement with Joe Brumm and his delightful animated series, and it just might open the door to even more New Who.

Doctor Who Millie Gibson as Ruby Sunday and Ncuti Gatwa as the fifteenth doctor
Credit: BBC/Disney/Bad Wolf

Disney is also reportedly welcoming in the next season of the series with Ncuti Gatwa stepping in after Tennant’s brief tenure as the Fourteenth Doctor. It’s only logical that the platform would want to keep the rest of the series in hock as subscribers devour the upcoming specials.

Fans don’t need a TARDIS to know that Doctor Who definitely has a future with Disney, especially with millions of subscribers already locked in. With the iconic sci-fi series bound to premium platforms like HBO Max and Britbox, Disney+ would make it much more accessible to the average viewer.

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It might be just a coincidence, but the fact that both projects brought to American audiences through the BBC and Disney don’t have a similar sort of appeal. The comforting nature of Bluey and the madcap adventures of Doctor Who certainly have a significant impact, and Disney might just be the perfect bonding agent.

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