Drag Queens Are Coming to Disney Plus

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Two contestants blowing kisses on Drag Me to Dinner on Disney Plus

Credit: Hulu

Disney Plus has a wide variety of shows on its platform, ranging from beloved classics to nature documentaries to action-packed superhero epics. Now, drag queens are looking to enter the fray.

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With the different franchises and IPs the Walt Disney Company has acquired, there is something for everyone. If you’re a fan of Lucasfilm, it has all of the Indiana Jones movies and the entire Star Wars catalog. If superheroes are more your speed, then enjoy the entire pantheon of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And if you’re just a regular Disney fan, just about every piece of Disney media they have ever made is there.

These media juggernauts separate Disney Plus from other streaming platforms like Apple TV, Prime Video, and Netflix. And with a merger between Disney Plus and Hulu coming soon, it’s about to get even stronger. Well, it looks like the merge will be happening a bit sooner because Hulu’s Drag Me to Dinner (2023) will be coming to its new home toward the end of July.

‘Drag Me to Dinner’ Coming to Disney Plus

The hosts and judges of Drag Me to Dinner on Disney Plus, including Neil Patrick Harris
Credit: Hulu

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Drag Me to Dinner is a reality competition show pitting teams of famous drag queens, often from RuPaul’s Drag Race (2009-present), against each other as they try to create the most fantastic dinner parties ever. The show’s synopsis truly sells the entire experience: “If you want a great party, hire a party planner. If you want an outrageous, unforgettable party… call in a Drag Queen. Drag Me to Dinner is the new close-ended comedic competition that, unlike other Drag competitions, doesn’t take itself too seriously.”

The show is judged by Bianca Del Rio, Haneefah Wood, and Neil Patrick Harris, who also serves as an executive producer. It is hosted by Murray Hill and has its various themes unveiled by David Burtka, who is also a producer on the show.

Judges and contestants enjoying a tropical dinner party on Drag Me to Dinner on Disney Plus
Credit: Hulu

Neil Patrick Harris is particularly excited about the show, having shared a post on his Instagram account. “Drag Me To Dinner is coming soon! David and I are thrilled to have created this comedic, nonsensical take on reality competitions. Each episode is nuts. Safe to say, nothing like this has been done before, we aren’t taking ourselves very seriously, and hopefully, everyone will have a laugh or ten. So roll up those sleeves and sharpen those nails, girls.”

The show already premiered on Hulu on May 31, but every episode will officially arrive on Disney Plus on July 26. This is more than likely in an attempt to test the waters for more reality-based competition shows on the streaming platform, of which there are few.

Are you excited for Drag Me to Dinner coming to Disney Plus? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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