‘Rebel Moon’ is Still ‘Star Wars’

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After being rejected by Disney and Lucasfilm and picked up by Netflix, Zack Snyder’s “Star Wars” film, Rebel Moon, had its teasers dropped this week. As exciting as the film looks, pulling from various sci-fi sources, there might be more connections to the galaxy far, far away than the project might show.

Photo Credit: Netflix

An R-rated Star Wars movie might not be something Disney or Lucasfilm wanted, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a very vocal fanbase for it. After all, it’s not like the original films were 100% family-friendly. However, the upcoming sci-fi thriller might still have some space opera leftovers.

Rebel Moon: From a Certain Point of View

Kenobi and Rebel Moon guy
Credit: Inside the Magic

One thing can be said for sure about this film: it will have a swarm of fans logging onto Netflix to see it. If anything, many will likely flock to it just to see what was too hardcore for the Star Wars franchise. That said, it still wears its inspirations on its sleeves.

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Shooting the elephant in the room, the title is blatantly a Star Wars stand-in. Star Wars: Rebel Moon just sounds too close to an actual event in the canon, especially considering the Rebel base is on the moon of Yavin in A New HopeNot only that, but the synopsis from Netflix even sounds vaguely like the original film as well.

The descriptor reads,

“When a peaceful colony on the edge of a galaxy is threatened by a tyrannical ruling force, a mysterious stranger becomes their best hope for survival.”

Replace “tyrannical ruling force” with “Empire” and “mysterious stranger” with “Jedi,” and it’s essentially the bare bones plot of Obi-Wan Kenobi. We can go back and forth on language and plot points all day, but what about how the film looks compared to its clear inspiration?

On one hand, the visuals and style presented in the trailer look closer to something like Dune, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some obvious similarities. The spacecraft cruising over a rocky desert landscape, a bearded stranger in a hooded cloak, and starfighters blasting their way through an asteroid field are all images that owe their origins to the established galaxy. Even the laser fire sounds an octave away from the blasters in Star Wars.

Photo Credit: Netflix

Not only that, but photos from Rebel Moon deliberately and intentionally depict one of its characters with a pair of lightsabers. It’s unknown who this character is or what role they play, but it definitely feels like they’ve been going to the Ahsoka Tano school of combat.

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Like any sci-fi epic in a post-George-Lucas world, comparisons are going to be made right and left to Star Wars, Dune, Starchaser, and several other giants of the genre. Still, the close association with the iconic series is going to make separation exceptionally difficult, especially for those who continue to acknowledge its status as a rejected part of the galaxy far, far away.

Do you think Rebel Moon will be able to shake off its Star Wars ties? Let Inside the Magic Know in the comments below!

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