Bluey Dethrones Mickey Mouse and Adults Are “Obsessed”

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Bluey with a shocked expression

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Australia’s beloved blue heeler has found a massive fan following around the world, especially in the United States, but have Bluey and her family truly replaced Mickey Mouse?

The Wheelers jumping in front of their house
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Brought to life by Joe Brumm and Ludo Studios and distributed in the U.S. by Disney, Bluey has since become one of the most iconic animated series in recent years. While some have stated that the adventures of Australia’s family of delightful dogs are saving Disney+, reports suggest that the little canine that could is slowly becoming more popular than a certain magical mouse.

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Part of what makes a character so popular and marketable is its recognizability, and there are few more recognizable symbols in the entire world than the three simple circles that make up Mickey’s head. The so-called “Hidden Mickey” is an image anyone can point out, but Bluey has something eerily similar, and it’s getting more and more traction.

Bluey’s “Long Dog” Rivals Mickey Mouse

Spotted in the background of “Born Yesterday” after Bandit eats Lucky’s dad’s pie
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Whether it’s a movie, a cartoon special, a theme park ride, or even an anime (yes, Disney has anime), hardcore Disney fans are notorious for finding all the Hidden Mickeys they can. As if learning by example, Bluey has developed a similar technique to tease its dedicated fanbase, and it comes in the form of Long Dog.

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While Bluey’s intended audience might range from the ages of three to eight, to say it has a large adult following would be a grand and glorious understatement. It’s been called a show about parenting which kids can watch too, but many fans are adults without children who see it as a comforting cartoon with delightful characters and a strong sense of reality.

Bluey with Headphones on

Older viewers notice everything, and many have completely immersed themselves in the canine-infested version of Bluey’s Brisbane. However, the appeal to older viewers goes way deeper than fan theories, hidden metaphors, and secretly dirty jokes.

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Joe Brumm and the rest of the Bluey creative team are likely very aware of the immense amount of grown up fans, and what would an obsessive fanbase be without a classic easter egg hunt? Just as Disney fans have devoted themselves to tracking down every Hidden Mickey they can, so do Bluey buffs pursue the Long Dog.

I found long dog for my first time!
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Long Dog is a wiener-dog (or “sausage dog” to you Bluey fans) that is often hidden in plain sight as a plushie, a toy, or sometimes even a pattern on the wall. The point is, fans are completely obsessed with tracking him down.

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A report from Australia’s ABC News stated that what started out as an animator’s gag soon turned into a massive fixation for older fans on a Bluey binge. Since the episode “Daddy Robot,” Long Dog has made prominent appearances throughout the show’s 161 episodes.

Jack and Rusty in the episode Army

Bluey Animator Nick Rees shared his views on the phenomenon,

“All of the background artists took a shine to him, so we started adding him into other backgrounds for the crew to find and enjoy,” Mr Rees says. “Originally, it was a bit of fun for the crew. It was always so funny to have animators come up to you and be like ‘I found long dog!’ while they were working on a scene.”

The fandom is also very well aware of the story behind Long Dog, and there have been full journalistic dives and podcast episodes dedicated to his presence. To say that the hidden hound is quickly reaching Mickey Mouse status in terms of recognition is not too far from the truth.

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The biggest advantage Mickey currently has over Long Dog is simply his longevity. After all, Mickey has been around for nearly a century and has had more than enough time to cultivate hundreds of hidden clones.

That said, Bluey and her clan are quickly rising through the ranks and possibly even rivaling her American counterpart in terms of fame. Mickey is to Disney as Bluey is to Ludo, and it seems like there might be some stiff competition underway.

Do you think Bluey can stand toe-to-toe with the master mouse himself? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!


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