Conservative ‘Bluey’ Rip Off is “A National Disgrace”

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Bingo Screams at Bluey Ripoff

Credit: Inside the Magic

Imitation might be the most sincere form of flattery, but ripping off a beloved children’s show as part of your political agenda is going way too far.

Bluey with a shocked expression
Credit: Ludo Studio

Disney has been in the hot seat of conservative media even before the battle with Governor DeSantis went down. Amidst the cries of “go woke, go broke,” it seems that those same talking heads on the news outlets are taking a page from a certain animated dog’s playbook.

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Brought to US audiences by Disney, Ludo Studios’ Bluey has delighted viewers of all ages around the world over the course of three seasons. Seeing that the Heelers have the world by the heartstrings, conservative figurehead Ben Shapiro entered the animation game with his own kids’ show, Chip Chilla

Chip Chinchilla is a Bluey Ripoff
Credit: Daily Wire and IMDb

Daily Wire Plus is a conservative network headed by Shapiro that just released footage of its new animated series. Assisted by Jeremy Boreing and the network’s new subscription service, Bentkey, the project is reportedly being launched to combat the liberal forces of Disney+. If that sounds too ridiculous to be true, Boreing himself stated,

“You can’t put your kids in front of a classic piece of Disney content because you don’t know that the very next thing that plays won’t be that not-so-secret gay agenda that teaches your daughter that she’s a boy… For 80 hours of a child’s week, you are turning them over to the left.”

Poodle screams at a horse in Bluey
Credit: Disney and Ludo

Digs at Disney and political leanings aside, most agree that taking a stab at something as innocent and wholesome as Bluey is a pretty low blow. Yet, Boreing and Shapiro have created a blatant rip-off of the beloved series, earning the ire and disdain of its supporters.

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Described by IMDb as “a comedic, pre-school series celebrating the day to day lessons of Chip and his homeschooling family of energetic Chinchillas…” Chip Chilla isn’t just a straightforward take on the Bluey formula, but an insulting copy that has Bluey’s native Brisbane calling the creators out.


They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but could this just be a dog act? #TV #cartoon#ChipChilla #Bluey #BenShapiro #copy #9News

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The video above shared by 9News Australia simply says it all, calling it “a national disgrace” and pointing out how every single creative element used to bring it to life is directly stolen from Bluey. In short, you can’t make this stuff up.

You know it has to be bad when the show’s opening music nearly follow’s Bluey’s beat-for-beat. The character models, the shows design, the color palette, and the instrumentation all feel like a bizzaro version of the beloved cartoon, and supporters aren’t having it.

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No comments have been made from the official Bluey creative team as of writing, but there is bound to be some wars between Chip’s conservative viewers and Bluey’s azure empire of fans. Daily Wire+’s animated mammal might find himself as Bluey and Bingo’s chew toy before he even finishes his first season.

Is this a blue animal too far, or a shot fired against the beloved heeler? Tell Inside the Magic what you think in the comments below!



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