‘Bluey’ Special Hits Disney+, Leaves Our Hearts in Pieces

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Bluey and her family dance at a wedding.

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After months of teasing, tempting, breadcrumbing, and outright emotionally baiting its audience, Bluey finally dropped the long-awaited 28-minute episode “The Sign.” Naturally, the wedding episode that promised to be the height of the show’s career was everything the producers at Ludo Studio promised… and a little bit more.

Bluey watching a movie
Credit: Ludo Studio

Without going into full-on spoiler territory, the episode does feature a surprisingly intense romance drama between Uncle Rad and Aunt Frisky, but the wedding itself is surprisingly more of a B-plot, as Bluey, Bingo, and the rest of their family are thrust into an emotional whirlwind when a for-sale sign pops up in front of their house. Even with that in mind, there’s still so much to unpack, even in 28 minutes.

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Bluey Creator Joe Brumm has already warned viewers just how emotionally charged the special is, and this writer can undoubtedly concur that fans expecting a fun, upbeat adventure better prepare themselves to take a loaded freight train right to the feels. They’ll get a wedding, which many already knew, but they might not expect the message delivered to both kids and the adults in the audience.

All Signs Point to Bluey: A Spoiler-Free Review

A cheerful group of animated dogs, including Bluey, with flower crowns happily posing together for a picture.
Credit: Ludo Studios

If you’ve been keeping up with the studio’s social media posts, you’ll undoubtedly know that two plot lines are at work in this major event for Bluey. The obvious plot is the wedding, which has been marketed for months now. However, audiences aren’t prepared for what the creators aren’t telling us about the titular sign.

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The for-sale sign seen in “Ghostbasket” alluded to the Heelers putting their house up for sale, which they did, and it eventually sold. The reality of moving hits both Bluey and Bingo in opposing ways, but they aren’t the only ones affected by the event either.

As Mufasa once said, “We are all connected in the great circle of life.” That motif becomes increasingly evident as the episode progresses. The wedding and the move are two events that have lasting consequences and effects on everyone involved. In short, this episode of Bluey is called “It’s not just about you.”

Where Do We Go Now?

Bluey with Headphones on
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There is so much to unpack about this episode; the creators gave it so much love and attention that it demands multiple viewings. However, the biggest thing anyone can take away from this 28-minute-long Bluey buffet is the importance of communication and the acceptance of change.

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At the time of writing, Bluey’s future is anyone’s guess, but that’s part of the adventure. While the new episode might be directed at a younger audience, the writing is some of the most emotionally mature the show has ever had. It was unabashedly made with the parents and grownups in mind.

Without spoiling the entirety of the biggest Bluey ever, this writer highly encourages anyone watching to pay close attention to the parents throughout the show. Bluey might have her name on the marquee, but everyone has a role to play in this new chapter. The episode and every season leading up to it are currently available on Disney+ and other streaming platforms. Have those tissues ready.

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