‘Bluey’ Season 4: What We Know Now

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Jack and Rusty in the episode Army

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Bluey has captured our attention for over 150 episodes across three seasons. Now that the latest iteration has drawn to a close, many fans find themselves asking the oh-so-common question, “What comes next?”

Bluey and her family dance at a wedding.
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It’s already been established that Bluey will be back for season four, but there will be a long waiting period before fans get their next taste of the beloved series from Ludo Studio. However, that’s not to say that there haven’t already been a few substantial developments revealed in the last two episodes.

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“The Sign” and “Surprise” are the latest installments in season 3, and both make massive reveals about where the series will go next. Moreover, many of the episodes featured in “Season 3C” have already hinted at certain directions to further tease and stir up the fanbase. With one being a 28-minute-long emotional rollercoaster and the other tying up the season in a neat little bow, Bluey creator Joe Brumm and his creative team have certainly given them more than enough to work with.

Bigger and Better Bluey

Bluey watching a movie
Credit: Ludo Studio

If you’ve been following Inside the Magic’s coverage of the developments at Bluey, you’ll know that the producers and creators are getting ready to take a hiatus. Many would agree that it is a well-deserved rest after the tremendous amount of work, time, talent, and effort it took to bring these last few episodes to life. Even so, fans have all the time in the world to speculate on the fun yet to come.

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While fan speculation and theories are fluid, subject to change, and can often quickly be disproven by a show, its creators, or its canon, Bluey consistently feeds into fans’ desires (as seen with the saga of Winton’s Dad). With that in mind, the creators have left diligent viewers a trail of breadcrumbs to ponder while waiting for season 4 to drop.

It should be thoroughly understood that while the following points do have evidence in the show, not all of them have confirmation from the show’s creators or producers, and rumors of the show’s cancelation are still circling the socials. That said, here are the things viewers could expect from the next batch of Bluey episodes.

A Longer Runtime

Bluey and Bingo on a CCTV
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Ludo definitely kept its promise when the studio dropped its “biggest ever” Bluey episode with “The Sign.” The marriage of Rad and Frisky and the suspenseful saga involving the Heeler house were definitely too big for just one 7-minute installment, so it makes complete sense that the creators would want to expand the runtime. However, what if this was only the beginning of something even bigger?

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If there’s one thing that can certainly be confirmed, it’s that Bluey will expand as a series. In an interview with Deadline, Joe Brumm made the following statement, which all but confirmed this notion.

“I’m loving going longer on ‘The Sign’, and I’d love to try to go longer — I definitely would not rule that out. That’s why I’m very interested to see how The Sign goes down with the audience. Obviously, it’s four times as long as a normal episode. Will the audience accept a stint with a longer story?”

The series may or may expand into a larger format, stretching out to a full 30 minutes as most animated shows on Disney+ and Disney Junior wouldn’t be out of the question. Primarily since the creator himself has expressed interest on the record.

Bluey Taking a Backseat

Muffin barks at Bluey and Bingo
Credit: Ludo Studios

One of the most significant changes alluded to in the newer episodes is that the show will be shifting focus onto more of Bluey’s side characters like Rusty, Jack, Coco, Winton, and the Terriers. Bluey and Bingo still hold the reins on the series, but it’s clear from episodes like “Army,” “Wild Girls,” and “Space” that the creators are interested in expanding Bluey’s world to include stories from her friends’ perspectives.

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Not only have Bluey’s friends slowly slipped into the spotlight even more in recent episodes, but the show’s official social media pages shared an extended intro featuring some of the other pups getting in on the theme song.

In the video, Muffin, Socks, Snickers, Winton, Pom Pom, and Rusty joined the Heelers in their game of Musical Statues. It might be safe to assume that more is planned for both Bluey and her friends, given the increase in their appearances.

Harder Subjects Will Be Addressed

Bluey and Bandit find the injured bird
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As demonstrated by various episodes in Bluey’s canon, the show is no stranger to tackling complex and mature subjects in a way kids can comprehend and in a way parents can engage in a dialogue with their children when these life moments arise. That said, these heavier episodes might be introduced sooner rather than later.

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Eagle-eyed viewers might have seen a very peculiar interaction between Uncle Stripe and Aunt Trixie during the wedding reception and then later mimicked by Socks with the cake topper in “The Sign.” This isn’t the first time the two have butted heads, and @world.shaker shares what might be an unfortunate but relatable truth for many Bluey buffs.


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As the creator points out various easter eggs seen in the 28-minute-long episode, he also makes the observation that the series might address the difficult reality of separation and or divorce. While that’s sadly a reality many viewers have to cope with (regardless of age), Bluey has proven time and time again to be the best way to soften the blow, and engage families in a dialogue about difficult transitions and life-changing events.

We’re Getting a New Character

Brandy and Chilli in Bluey
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On a lighter note, one of the other biggest takeaways from “The Sign” was that fans are getting a new member of the Heeler family. As the wedding celebrations begin, it was revealed that Chilli’s sister, Brandy, was pregnant and that she finally found her happily ever after. Since the creators and producers have shown that everything comes full circle, there’s no doubt that we will eventually see a new baby cousin in Bluey and Bingo’s future at some point in the predicted fourth season.

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The first time we saw Aunt Brandy was during “Onesies,” in which it was heavily implied that she was either wrestling with infertility or had experienced child-loss. Either way, a chorus of fans undoubtedly cried out with joy in knowing that she was finally getting her wish.

The last time fans saw Brandy undoubtedly left them with some big feelings to process, rendering most older and parental viewers into a mass of emotions. The addition of an infant character is an element seen across a multitude of children’s media, but this one feels like it comes with a more satisfying flavor.

Bluey and Bingo will Age with the Show

Bluey as an adult dog
Credit: Ludo Studio

While we can’t 100% confirm to what extent this is true, it’s clear that the characters are evolving and developing as show progresses. Similar to other animated series like Adventure Time and Avatar: The Last Airbender, the characters in Bluey age and grow with each new episode. A look at the character page on the show’s website proves that time does pass for the cast, but how much will it affect the show?

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The last episode of season 3, “Surprise” ends with viewers meeting an adult version of Bluey, an implied adult version of Bingo, and elderly versions of their parents. Given the social media storm the mysterious hybrid puppy seen in the final frame caused, this might not be the last time we see these versions either.

If the creators follow through with this choice, they will greatly increase their audience range. The show has often been cited as a show about parenting that kids can watch too, and parents in the audience can easily relate to the emotional weight of watching their kids grow up right before their eyes. Additionally, older variants of the pups open the door for new plot lines and adventures. Though we shudder to think of what damage an older Muffin might be capable of.

Well Worth the Wait

Calypso teaches in Bluey
Credit: Ludo Studio

If there’s one thing Bluey fans have learned after watching “The Sign,” it’s that some of the best things in life are worth waiting for, and that everything will work out the way it’s supposed to. The series might still be set to take its extended hiatus, but fans can still rest on the promise that Bluey will be back, and she’ll be better than before.

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Although fans will still speculate, theorize, and debate amongst themselves, it’s not like the series creators haven’t left a strong pile of evidence to sort through. Given the fact the producers and creators have given fans so much attention, it wouldn’t be untrue to say that next season will only further feed their fix.

To say that Bluey has left a tremendous mark on our pop-culture would be a grand and glorious understatement. It’s over 150 episodes currently available to watch on Disney+, it’s anyone’s guess where the series might go next. With any luck, fans will have 150 more in the near future.

Do you have your own Bluey fan theory? Share it with Inside the Magic in the comments down below!

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