After ‘Bluey’:”Chilli” and “Bandit” Share Favorite Episodes

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Ending of Flatpack in Bluey

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Bluey is easily one of the most influential and beloved shows currently streaming, and its fanbase continues to grow with each new installment. Now that season three is coming to a close, how does the show’s cast feel after bringing these beloved characters to life?

Bandit and Chilli after a party
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Although Bluey and Bingo carry most of the episodes, two crowd favorites are parents Bandit and Chilli Heeler. They have completely transformed the parental archetype seen in most kids’ shows into fully realized and grounded characters. Not only do they have bright and wonderful personalities, but they also serve as stand-ins for any adult who might be watching along with the show’s intended audience.

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After the long-awaited 28-minute episode “The Sign,” Bandit (Dave McCormack) and Chilli (Melanie Zenetti) revealed some of their experiences working on the show, their favorite episodes, what it was like portraying their respective characters, and what Bluey means to them. The video below from Disney Junior shares a more personal look at the show’s favorite power couple.

Behind Bluey with Bandit and Chilli


Bandit and Chil— Oops, we mean Dave and Melanie, answer YOUR fan questions! . . . 🎥: Bluey

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With any piece of animated media, it’s often very common for the voice cast to do a Q&A about their time on the project. Both Dave McCormack and Melanie Zanetti are instrumental in making the show happen. Although Bluey and Bingo are the shows leads, the child actors playing them are never credited likely due to protective reasons, the two parental figures are a key ingredient to most of the series’ beloved episodes.

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Speaking of beloved episodes, there’s perhaps not a better representation of the shows range than the two favorites presented by “Bandit” and “Chilli.” The show is notorious for running the gambit of emotions, ranging from silly to unexpectedly serious, and those looking for just a taste of what Bluey has to offer can’t go wrong with their recommendations.

Melanie Zanetti – “Sleepytime”

Bingo hatches from earth in Bluey
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If there’s one episode that I absolutely emotionally wrecked viewers other than the most recent wedding episode, it’s “Sleepytime.” Set to “Jupiter” by Gustav Holst, viewers are treated to a night in the Heeler household seen through Bingo’s sleepwalking and dreamscape as she attempts a “big girl sleep.”

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Inside the Magic has done a full deep dive on this episode before, but it’s easy to see why fans and Zanetti have had such an emotional reaction. Not only does the episode illustrate the emotional wait children carry when adapting to new life situations, but it also shows the reality of Bluey’s family unit and it does so in an artistic way.

Dave McCormack – “The Weekend”

Bluey, Bingo, and Bandit in The Weekend
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Although not the premier episode in season 1, per McCormack, “The Weekend” was the first Bluey episode ever made. Naturally, being his debut as the beloved Bandit Heeler, it makes total sense why the actor would have an attachment to it.

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While Bluey and Bingo getting their dad to play statues with them isn’t nearly as emotionally riveting as the previous entry, but there’s definitely something to be said for it. “The Weekend” not only shows the gift for storytelling Joe Brumm and the team at Ludo Studios have, but how the characters have evolved since we first saw them.

Bandit and Chilli are undoubtedly two of the most beloved elements on the show who have both raised the bar for parenting and given the show an element of reality nearly all adult viewers can relate to on a different level than most animated media. It’s one thing to hear the fans share that sentiment, but to know that the show’s cast feels the same way takes things to a whole different level.

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