‘Bluey’ Officially Canceled, Studio Leak Confirms

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Cartoon image of a black and grey dog with large, expressive white eyes and a small black nose, set against a light blue background, from the show 'Bluey'

Credit: Ludo

Bluey, the massively popular and beloved animated children’s show, is not producing any new episodes, a new leak from Ludo Studio has revealed.

A cartoon image of Bluey, looking sad with tears in its eyes, sitting in a mystical pink-toned forest.
Credit: Ludo Studio

There has not been a phenomenon in children’s television like Bluey in years, if ever. The Australian series, created by Joe Brumm and produced by Ludo Studio, first launched on ABC Kids in 2018 to immediate acclaim and huge viewership, repeatedly breaking records across platforms and countries. The show has since moved to Disney Junior and streams internationally on Disney+, which has made the already titanically popular show even more universal.

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Despite that, it seems that the future of Bluey has stalled out for unclear reasons. Ludo Studio has produced over 150 episodes of the beloved Blue Heeler family’s adventures over three seasons, but fans initially became worried after the significant gap of time between episode 151 (“Cricket”) and episode 152 (“Ghostbasket”). Nearly a year passed from 151 to 152; since then, Ludo Studio has only released three new installments.

A cheerful group of animated dogs, including Bluey, with flower crowns happily posing together for a picture.
Credit: Ludo Studios

That might have been strategic, considering the immense lead-up to the extra-length, rapturously received episode “The Sign,” which saw Bluey, Bingo, Bandit (voiced by David McCormack), Chilli (voiced by Melanie Zanetti) preparing to move from Brisbane and sell their family home. Spoiler: Ultimately, they decide to stay in their home.

Since that episode, Ludo and Disney+ released “Surprise,” which featured Bluey discussing parental matters with Bandit and Chilli, but sadly, it seems very likely that Bluey has been officially canceled, at least for the time being. An anonymous former Ludo Studio employee recently leaked a now-deleted post to Reddit, in which they claimed that Bluey had been de facto canceled and that there had not been any new development on the show in years.

Muffin screams in Bluey
Credit: Ludo Studio

The post read, “I want to tell you that Bluey is finished. The final episodes were completed by the crew in 2021. At the time of writing this there is no season 4 in production. Nothing has been greenlit and no one is working on it. This is not to say the situation may change! However this is just what has been the case for the last 3 years.”

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While many Bluey fans will no doubt immediately react by hoping that this is just an unverified claim, Reddit moderators have confirmed that the poster is an active Ludo Studio member, saying:

The mods have approved this post as OP has provided some verification of their identity and involvement with Ludo / Bluey. We consider this ‘semi-approved’ as the provided evidence, whilst credible, is from some years ago.

EDIT: OP has provided additional proof suggesting they still work for Ludo as of this year.

It is shocking to think that Disney and Ludo Studio might be ready to shut down the world’s most popular kids’ show at the height of its power, but we have to take this leak at face value, at least for now. Until either Joe Brumm or Bob Iger says otherwise, it seems that Bluey is in “canceled” limbo. While producers of the show might be giving positive statements about the future of the series, it is telling that they refuse to make any concrete promises.

Chilli on the hunt in Bluey
Credit: Ludo

Bluey is currently streaming on Disney+. It features the voices of David McCormack, Melanie Zanetti, Dan Brumm, Myf Warhurst, Patrick Brammall, Claudia O’Doherty, and Chris Brumm, while various child voice actors are officially uncredited. The show is produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and the British Broadcasting Corporation and distributed by BBC Studios.

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