Is Your Dog a ‘Bluey’ Fan? Here’s Why!

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Bluey Watching a Rugby Match

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Bluey has quickly become one of the most popular series in the history of children’s programming, and part of its success is due to its appeal to children as well as to adults. But its appeal isn’t limited to humans, as many fans report their pets enjoy watching the show as much as they do. If you’ve noticed that your canine companion loves Bluey like you do, experts say there’s a reason for it.

bluey has a dark secret
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Dogs Watching ‘Bluey’

It’s no secret that Bluey is a hit with kids of all ages–and with the adults who watch the show on Disney+, Disney Channel, or Disney Junior with them. But recently, fans have become curious about Bluey‘s growing canine audience as many viewers have noticed their dogs appearing to watch the show alongside their owners.
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But watching television isn’t totally unusual for dogs. Dogs reportedly perceive images they see on television in different ways from the way humans perceive them, but they are still able to see and hear what’s playing on the screen in front of them, and it’s known that some dogs are even drawn to certain colors and sounds.

Dogs Love the Colors in ‘Bluey’?

One dog owner, however, believes she’s onto something when it comes to understanding dogs’ interest in Bluey, and she says there’s more to it than what we already know about how dogs react when they see certain things on the television screen.
Jaclyn Byrne went so far as to suggest that owners turn on Bluey for their canines. She says the show, which was originally commissioned by BBC Studios Kids and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, uses “colors that pups can see.”
bluey hammerbarn episode
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In a TikTok video, Byrne shared a clip of a dog watching a television screen with great anticipation as the credits played after an episode of Bluey. The clip went viral almost immediately, garnering more than 13 million likes, over one million shares, and well over 44,000 comments.
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But is there more to dogs watching Bluey than simply “colors they can see?”

‘Bluey’ in High-Def

The viral social media theory that originated on TikTok suggests that Bluey‘s animators actually use colors that are easily seen by dogs, possibly explaining why canines are seemingly drawn to the show. But is there any science behind some dogs’ affinity for the show?

Kate Mornement is an applied animal behaviorist in Victoria and says that despite what many people think, dogs are “not necessarily colorblind.”

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“But they are restricted to only seeing shades of grey, brown, yellow, and blue,” she said during an interview on ABC Victorian Mornings. “It’s because they have less [color-sensing] cones in their eyes compared to humans, so they see [fewer] colors.”

And while it’s true that the color palette seen in Bluey includes blues, yellows, and browns that dogs are able to see,  Dr. Mornement shared another theory behind some dogs’ apparent enjoyment of the children’s series, describing it as a “phenomenon.”

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“It’s a phenomenon–dogs watching TV–that’s increased in recent years, and the reason is high-definition TV,” she explained. “[Its] invention has made it much easier for dogs to see the images on the screens, and so that’s why they tend to be more interested these days than years gone past.”

So, dogs enjoy high-definition television like their human counterparts? It begs the question: Are dogs capable of actually following what’s taking place on the screen in front of them, or are they simply watching shapes and figures?

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“I’ve seen some really interesting videos on social media of dogs watching TV in different contexts, and they tend to be a lot more interested when it’s animals that they’re watching,” Dr, Mornement said. “Some dogs are intrigued, and you might see them cock their heads and stare at the TV, and other dogs might be really scared or anxious, and they’ll start barking.”

She continued, saying, “I’ve even helped clients with dogs that might jump up at the TV really aggressively because they were scared of what they were seeing.”

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“It is for these reasons that Bluey‘s lead art designers collaborated with Queensland scientists during development and pre-production in the hope we might create a series with a color palette and certain storylines as appealing to dogs as they were to parents and children,” the studio said, tongue-in-cheek.

Screen Time Moderation For Man’s Best Friend?

bluey and bingo watching television
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“Look, everything in moderation, just like with children, is fine,” Dr. Mornement said as she laughed. “A little TV every now and then for the dog–as long as it’s not causing anxiety–is totally fine.”

In other words, a little Bluey never hurt anyone–even fellow canines!

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