‘Bluey’ Teases Longer Episodes, Preps Fans for Something Even Bigger

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Although season three of Bluey might have just come to a “surprising” finale, Joe Brumm and the rest of the minds at work at Ludo Studios are far from finished. It might be some time before we see Bluey, Bingo, and the rest of the Heeler clan again, but it will be well worth the wait.

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To say that the long-awaited special episode “The Sign” received a tremendous response from Bluey’s massive fanbase would be a grand and glorious understatement, but it might also have been just a taste of something else to come. The 28-minute-long special proved that the show could exist in traditional animated series format and allowed for exploration of the beloved series’ story and characters.

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A report from Cinemablend shared several reasons why the show would work so much better with longer episodes, listing reasons such as allowing more characters screen time and allowing the show to emotionally breathe. However, this writer thinks they’ll continue in a much bigger way.

Bluey Goes Big

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It’s no secret that Bluey has tremendously impacted modern pop culture. It’s quite literally one of the most successful shows currently streaming, and it shows no signs of slowing down, even with the upcoming hiatus. Half-hour-long episodes would be sweet, smashing, and super, but the series shouldn’t (and likely won’t) stop there.

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If Bluey does stretch into a full 30-minute format, it likely won’t be long until fans get a full-length feature film. Although there has been no official announcement, Bluey creator Joe Brum said the following to Deadline just before “The Sign” premiered.

“I’m loving going longer on ‘The Sign’, and I’d love to try to go longer — I definitely would not rule that out. That’s why I’m very interested to see how The Sign goes down with the audience. Obviously, it’s four times as long as a normal episode. Will the audience accept a stint with a longer story?”

While it’s natural to assume that this is just a gifted creator expressing excitement over a big achievement, it might also be a subtle signal to the fanbase. Since the audience did indeed “accept a stint with a longer story,” it’s logical to assume that the producers can and will do it again.

Now We Play the Waiting Game

Ending of Flatpack in Bluey
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Although rumors of the show’s cancelation continue to spiral through the threads of social media, the show’s creators and producers have stated on the record that Bluey is far from finished. The scheduled hiatus might be to give the team a much-deserved break, but it might also provide them with an opportunity to expand from the regular 7-minute format.

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7-minute-long episodes take much less time to produce than a full 28 or 30-minute entry. If Bluey is truly to make this transition, it will take longer to get the act together. Given the interest both the creator and its fans have in the show’s future, what’s to say it won’t make another expansion?

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The next evolutionary step for Bluey would naturally be a full-length movie, possibly even a Disney+ original. Again, it’s not as if there isn’t fertile ground for this decision to have both merit and results. If the next season does expand the show’s format, it’s going to be used to prep fans for a film adaptation of our beloved blue heeler.

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While this is all still speculation, the evidence is undoubtedly weighty enough to warrant at least a nugget of truth. It might be a long while before it comes into being, but fans can pass the time with a few games of Keepy Uppy thanks to the over 150 episodes currently streaming on Disney+ and Disney Junior.

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