‘Star Wars’ Land Deemed Massive Failure as Disney World Crowds Disappear

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A family walks through Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland

Credit: Disney

Star Wars Land, Batuu, Black Spire Outpost… There are many names for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort. But many believe the Theme Park land should simply be called a failure.

Star Wars Land

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opened at Disneyland Park and Disney’s Hollywood Studios in 2019. It features two attractions (Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run and Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance), two dining locations (Oga’s Cantina and Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo), and two souvenir-building experiences (Droid Depot and Savi’s Workshop).

A stormtrooper poses on Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance
Credit: Alex Lue, Inside the Magic

Batuu offers exclusive snacks and drinks like the Ronto Wrap, Blue Milk, Green Milk, Cold Brew Black Caf, and customized Coca-Cola bottles. Merch stalls provide the authentic intergalactic browsing experience, with costumes to make you feel like a Jedi!

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“Discover Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World Resort and the Disneyland Resort, where you can live out your own Star Wars story, fly the Millennium Falcon and explore a remote outpost where adventure awaits,” Disney writes. “This is the chance to live your Star Wars story—and discover who you truly are in a galaxy far, far away…”

Fan Criticism

Ashoka Tano standing in Star Wars Land.
Credit: Disneyland Resort

It’s inarguable that the pricey, immersive Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser failed. It’s shutting its doors just 18 months after opening as discounts and changes failed to lure families to the hotel. At the same time, Walt Disney World Resort crowd levels are dropping at an alarming rate.

Some guests believe that Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is as much of a failure as its Resort hotel counterpart. Despite long queues and thousands of daily visitors, fans say Star Wars Land is a shell of its concept art.

Reddit user u/AwfulWaffle91 recently asked Walt Disney World Resort fans if Batuu failed. Hundreds responded.

The Mandalorian and Grogu at 'Star Wars': Galaxy's Edge
Credit: Disney

“Fail…. probably not,” said u/LitigatedLaureate. “Is it a disappointment? Yes. This was the answer to Harry Potter World. This was supposed to One Up every other land. It didn’t. It’s not the best disney land, it’s not the best land in Orlando, heck it’s not even the best Disney World land.”

“It’s fine, but it is a let down,” they continued. “Not as ‘alive’ as I would have hoped. Smugglers Run is a disappointment. Ogas is a tad of a let down. Rise is cool, but the maintenance problems are rough and honestly Rise’s re-rideability isn’t that great. Large portions of that land just feel like a Star Wars mall. I wouldn’t call it a failure, but I think it’s not what alot of people hoped it would be.”

“Yes and no,” u/quintlaze agreed. “The land itself will feel stale in just a few years.”

Guests visiting Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland Resort
Credit: Inside the Magic

“I’m a Disneyland pass holder and haven’t been to GE in about two years,” u/mrmaestro9420 wrote. “It’s difficult when New Orleans Square and Critter Country are top of the prettiest places in the park, and you have to walk past them to get to one of the ugliest. Last trip to Disney World was last month, also skipped it.”

But others defended the Lucasfilm-inspired land.

“It’s one of my favorite areas of the parks at both WDW and DL,” u/nvcr_intern said. “Everyone I know that’s gone loved it too. It’s one of the best things Disney has done in ages.”

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