How to Bypass the Line for ‘Star Wars’: Rise of the Resistance

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(l-r) luke skywalker, chewbacca, han solo, and c-3po in the empire strikes back

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Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, has integrated many new additions to the Parks over the past few years. One of these beloved additions includes Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. 

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opened up in Disney’s Hollywood Studios in 2019. There are numerous rides, dining areas, and custom merchandise opportunities. This area of the Disney Park is the perfect place for an avid fan.

Here, Guests can create a custom lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop or construct a droid at the Droid Depot.

obi-wan kenobi and darth vader rematch of the century lightsaber battle
Credit: Lucasfilm

Guests are heavily encouraged to make a reservation to partake in either of these activities. Guests should also know that the lightsaber experience costs $249.99, and the Droid assembly costs $119.99. Additional charges occur for extra accessories or different personality chips for Droids.

Custom merchandise isn’t the only fascinating feature of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. There are restaurants right out of the galactic franchise. Oga’s Cantina is one of the most popular food stops at the Park. Fans can enjoy the scenery based on the watering hole seen throughout the Star Wars movies. Guests can also order special treats and drinks, like the Bantha milk Luke Skywalker drinks in Star Wars: A New Hope (1977). 

Something no fan can forget is the exciting rides. The main attractions in this area are Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run and Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. 

Star Wars Rise of the Resistance queue at Disneyland Park
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Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is the newest attraction in the area. Unfortunately, the standby line has been ridiculously long. Guests are frustrated over the average wait time being around 100 minutes or more. 

Thanks to Disney Genie Lightning Lane, Guests can skip the terrible lines. An individual Lightning Lane purchase can help you avoid waiting over an hour. Prices for Lightning Lane entries vary between $15 and $25. Disney provides a tutorial video on their website to aid with your purchase. This is one purchase that is worth the extra money.

Another great way to potentially “skip” the massive line that is to come later in the day is by either “rope-dropping” the attraction, meaning getting to the Park at its opening time and then heading straight to Galaxy’s Edge, or waiting until the end of the night. Many Guests have found out that you can actually find the attraction at a decent wait time right now toward the end of the night, especially with the return of Fantasmic!

What’s your plan for best catching Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance? Let us know in the comments.

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