The Rudest Guest Interactions at Walt Disney World

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Three Guests greet Tinkerbell.

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Last December, Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort were desperate to curb increasing violence and conflict among Guests. While the Disney Parks didn’t go as far as their competitors by introducing a chaperone policy, both added a new courtesy section to their websites. The updated rule doesn’t give each Cast Member the right to kick a Disney Guest out for every little mistake but instead gives them more authority in situations like last month’s bloody Magic Kingdom brawl.

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Unfortunately, not much has changed at Walt Disney World Resort. The combination of rising violence and access to smartphone cameras that can instantly spread an incident all over social media proves difficult for The Most Magical Place on Earth to handle. Many Disney Park Guests are so wrapped up in their own vacations, stressed by exhausted children and expensive ticket prices, that they forget the person next to them in line is another human being.

Cinderella Castle with a rainbow above it in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort
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Recently, Disney fans on Reddit shared their experiences with rude Walt Disney World Guests. While not every interaction was physically violent, each soured the magical experience for the Park goers.

Verbal Conflicts

Interpersonal conflict among Walt Disney World Resort Guests doesn’t always lead to violence. But sometimes verbal abuse can be just as hurtful as a gut punch!

Inappropriate Commentary

Reddit user u/content_pool_1391 was shocked when an interaction turned ugly with no prior verbal communication. While walking through Magic Kingdom, another Guest loudly commented about their teenage daughter.

Two young female and two young male Guests enjoy Magic Kingdom
Credit: Disney

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“Some guy just walked by my daughter and said ‘here is another dumb deaf rude teenager from the U.S,’” they recalled. “My daughter was just standing on the side and not even in the way. I yelled at him and said ‘She’s not deaf or dumb, you are just a gigantic a**hole.’”

Stroller Mayhem

An interaction shared by u/GamerGirlCarly started with an accident and devolved into a show of another Guest’s poor conflict resolution skills.

family hugging in front of disney world castle holding a pink mickey balloon
Credit: Disney Parks

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“I was shopping in Emporium. A woman barreled around the corner of the aisle I was on with her stroller, and took the skin off the left ankle when she scraped it with the front of that thing,” she recalled. “Blood was just going everywhere over my sock and shoe. Meanwhile, I was in tears and getting shouted at about being in her way, and not respecting her child’s safety.”

Restaurant Battle

As is often the case at Quick-Service restaurants, tables were a hot commodity when u/No_Income_2995 visited Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney Springs. They stood by as a family finished their meal, planning to grab the table when they finished.

“A family was getting up then this big dude walks in and slams his bag on the table,” they wrote. “I told them ‘I’ve been waiting for this table’ and he and his wife start shouting ‘no they gave this table to us!’ Like that was a thing to do. Then the man tried to get in my face so I said forget it, and his wife whipped a chair around like she was gonna hit me with it.”

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn interior, with multiple empty tables
Credit: Disney

Unfortunately, a Disney Cast Member told the Guest that they could do nothing as the situation didn’t escalate violently.

“Really pissed me off in what’s normally my favorite restaurant,” the Guest said. “Easy fix was to eat there early next time, but wish I didn’t have that experience to begin with.”

Violent Fights

It’s an unfortunate reality that conflict often turns into violence – even at Disney Parks. Multiple fight videos from Walt Disney World Resort have gone viral on social media, but just as many go unreported. Though you’re unlikely to witness or become victim to fighting at the Central Floria Disney Park, law enforcement is on the scene and ready to respond at all times.

Race through Magic Kingdom Park

New projections on Main Street during Happily Ever After
Credit: Disney

On a recent trip, u/lindsaylove22 was speedily walking down Main Street, U.S.A., ahead of the Happily Ever After fireworks show over Cinderella Castle. But it wasn’t fast enough for the woman following behind.

“This woman had a stroller and was constantly literally hitting my heels with it behind me, and I was walking as fast as I could in the crowd,” the Guest said. “I’m actually a really fast walker myself but I do manage to dodge people pretty well, and apologize when I’m not successful.”

“Finally when I had somewhere to move, I got out of her way and she tore through impatiently,” they continued. “I looked at her with disgust, but she did not give any sh*ts. Then we watched her as she rushed to park the stroller in a spot on the side of Main Street. So it’s not like she was even trying to get out of the Park or there was an emergency of any kind!”

Avatar: Fight of Passage

Pandora World of Avatar at Animal Kingdom
Credit: Disney

u/Karenmarie8 reported multiple altercations with rude Walt Disney World Guests, including a race to ride Na’vi River Journey in Pandora: The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

“A woman literally pushed me out of the way with both hands to get ahead of me,” they alleged. They also reported multiple drunk Guests driving ECVs “running them over.”

Mickey Mouse Pretzel Peril

u/digitaldumpsterfire was the victim of an unprovoked attack at Walt Disney World Resort when they were just 16.

Two hands holding a Mickey Pretzel
Credit: Disney

“A lady actually shoved me to the ground so her son (maybe 2 yrs old) could get in line for a Mickey pretzel before me,” they recalled.” She said teenagers shouldn’t even be allowed at Disney and another woman with small children chimed in her agreement.”

Tips for Handling Yourself Around Rude Walt Disney World Guests

Despite these accounts, violence is an uncommon part of the Disney experience. But rest assured that those breaking Disney Park rules often receive strict penalties, including legal action by The Walt Disney Company and permanent bans.

Cinderella Castle from under archway
Credit: Walt Disney World Resort

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Locate a Disney Cast Member immediately if another Guest’s behavior is concerning. They will page Disney Security teams, trained to de-escalate conflict and call law enforcement if necessary. In rare and severe instances, it may be necessary to call 911 before Disney Security arrives.

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Please note that the stories outlined in this article are based on personal Disney Parks Guest experiences. No two Guest experiences are alike, and this article does not necessarily align with Inside the Magic’s personal views on Disney Park operations.

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