Confrontation Ensues After Guest Loudly Announces Mickey Is a “Fake Costume” In Front of Kids

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Mickey Mouse in his train conductor outfit aboard the Walt Disney World Railroad, returning Disney attraction

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Disneyland Resort is The Happiest Place on Earth, but it can be a long, expensive road to get there! Increasingly stressful conditions have made Disneyland Park, Downtown Disney, and Disney California Adventure the site of many violent incidents in recent years. While most conflicts are resolved after a quick conversation with Disneyland Security, a viral 2019 Toontown Brawl led to the arrest of a Las Vegas man named Avery Robinson.

This week, Reddit user u/sleepygrumpydoc recounted a near-violent confrontation they witnessed while waiting to meet Mickey Mouse at Disneyland Resort. They explained that a young girl wanted to get in line, but her father didn’t want to wait.

Mickey and Minnie at the Disney100 Exhibition
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“Her dad decided [to] explain to his daughter how he wasn’t going to wait in line to meet mickey since they are just actors in costume and he didn’t want to waste his day doing stupid fake things,” the Guest recalled.

Another father with young children got angry and “looked like he wanted to punch the first in the face for saying that in front of a bunch of kids.” He started to say something, but a brave preteen stood up instead.

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“A preteen, not sure whose, looked at the dad #1 and said ‘dude lighten up everything here is fake except everyone really thinks you’re a d*,’” the Guest wrote. “I couldn’t stop laughing so I’m not sure what dad #1 did. But I was not the only one who started laughing as the kids delivery was just perfect.”

If it hadn’t been for the tween that was wise beyond their years, this confrontation could have quickly turned into one of the many violent altercations reported in the last few months. Just days ago, a Disney influencer alleged that two vloggers attacked him during Disneyland After Dark: Princess Nite over false allegations of spreading gossip about their channel.

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