Vloggers Confront Disneyland Influencer, Cause a Scene at Disney Park

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Justin Scarred speaking into his phone camera in three seperate screenshots.

Influencers, Vloggers, Live Streamers, and TikTokers… They all do things a bit differently, but each has become the subject of disdain and annoyance in much of the Disney Parks fan community. From immature behavior to invading other Guests’ privacy, many fans find Disney Influencers to be “unbelievably rude” and “annoying.” Some social media stars have been permanently banned from Disney property.

While much of the conflict around Disney Influencers stays online, it can make its way into the real world, especially at a small place like Disneyland Resort. At any given time, there are dozens of influencers and vloggers at Disneyland Park, Downtown Disney, and Disney California Adventure; they naturally run into one another.

Merida running after a little girl dressed as merida and her mother.
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YouTuber Justin Scarred of Randomland – a channel with over 269,000 subscribers – recently alleged that two other vloggers attacked him during Disneyland After Dark: Princess Nite. In an Instagram reel later posted to YouTube by Disney Darlings, Scarred said the Disneyland influencers tried to fight him over false allegations that he was gossiping about them:

“I almost got punched in the face,” Scarred said. “…There’s a couple of people who have had problems with everybody else except me. I stay out of all the drama. They were getting in my face like, ‘I heard you’ve been talking smack!’”

But Scarred said he had never spoken ill of the pair: “That was a pretty wild experience that I can’t really elaborate on, or else I would be a smack-talker, which I’m not. But it was pretty wild and crazy.”

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“Not everybody on the Internet is who you think they are. Even when they’re being friendly to you in real life,” Scarred continued. “Sometimes you’re like, woah, you are not the people that I thought you were… You realize I could just tell security and get you thrown out? I’m not going to do that. I’m not that kind of person. But what are you doing?”

Scarred said he would continue to stay out of social media drama and had “mentally” turned the other cheek towards the Disneyland Influencers.

“Someone tried to attack me almost in Walt Disney’s original Magic Kingdom, and I’m going to let that one go,” he explained.

Tiana and Naveen dressed in their finest gear dancing together.
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In a second Instagram reel, also included in the YouTube video, Scarred elaborated more on the incident. Though he refused to name the vloggers, he hinted that they’d been wrapped up in drama regarding COVID-19.

Last year, we broke the story of a pair of Disneyland vloggers – Katie Slockbower and Spencer Emmons of Best Life and Beyond – visiting Disneyland Park after testing positive. They denied the allegation, but fans petitioned for the pair to be banned after their former friend confirmed they’d been ill. Scarred did not identify Slockbower and Emmons as the pair that attacked him, but he didn’t deny multiple comments suggesting they did.

Katie and Spencer chat with fans on a private live stream.
Credit: Best Life & Beyond YouTube

[Update: On March 15, a tipster shared this live stream from Disney live streamers Magically Consumed that appears to show the altercation starting at the linked timestamp. Right behind the lamppost, three Guests, one of whom appears to be Scarred, appear engrossed in a long conversation before they eventually walk away from each other. Inside the Magic cannot confirm that the two Guests are Slockbower and Emmons. A screenshot from the stream is below.] 

Three Guests walk away from each other.
Credit: Screenshot via Magically Consumed

“To have one of them get in my face after not seeing or even speaking to these people for years… I’m talking literally in my face, like ‘Let’s go right now,’ kind of thing,” Scarred said. “… They’re just trying to apologize like, ‘We’re just trying to make sure because…’ I don’t even owe you an explanation. I didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Here’s what I’ll say. There are a lot of people who refer to just doing this as a business, and that’s all they think about,” Scarred concluded. “I don’t know whether they care about the Parks or not. Sometimes I maybe think they don’t… But I’m never going to put that on the Internet. I’m never going to say anything about anybody. I’m never going to mention anybody’s name.”

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Please note that the story outlined in this article is based on a personal Disney Parks Guest experience. No two Guest experiences are alike, and this article does not necessarily align with Inside the Magic’s personal views on Disney Park operations.

*This article has been updated since its publication. 

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