Disney’s Forgotten Princess Makes Rare Appearance At After Hours Event

in Disneyland Resort


Credit: Disney

Disneyland is well-known for their after hours events, Disneyland After Dark.

Last night was Princess Nite, a celebration of all the Disney princesses and their inspirational stories. This event featured several princesses and allowed Guests to dress in costumes, sample a selection of food, and experience themed entertainment throughout the night.

One highlight of the night has made its way around social media, with several people posting their videos to TikTok to commemorate the appearance of a rare princess. Disney’s Enchanted (2007) features Giselle, a 2-D princess who escapes her cartoon fairy-tale world and finds herself in the 3-D real world. She learns to navigate the real world, unaware she’s also running from her evil step-mother, and meets her true love.


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Although she’s in a Disney film, Guests have never seen her in the Parks. Several reasons have been given by fans over the years, including there being no demand for her character, the animation not being done by Disney, and Disney having to pay Amy Adams to use her likeness in the Parks, but Disney has never addressed it or given an official reason. However, Guests at Princess Nite were treated to a rare appearance of Giselle.


Disney's "Enchanted 2" in the works, according to Alan Menken
Credit: Disney

In a horse-drawn carriage, Giselle made her way around Main Street in her voluminous wedding dress from the beginning of the film when she first ends up in the real world. She made an appearance twice each hour, with the soundtrack from the film playing as she went by. With the sequel, Disenchanted (2022), being released on Disney+ last year, it’s possible that whatever had originally stopped Disney from offering Giselle has changed. The sequel was pretty well received, and led to a resurgence online of people asking for merchandise and meet and greet opportunities of the characters.

Credit: Disney

Even if Giselle remains a rare character, it’s nice to see her included in Disney’s line up for an event focused on their princesses. Hopefully Guests will have more opportunities to see her around the Parks in the future.

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