Why Adults Love Disney Meet and Greets

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Mouse Greets Guests at Disney's Hollywood Studios

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Whether you are a first-time visitor or a season Park veteran, some activities and experiences simply cannot be skipped on any Disney trip. That might be riding the railroad, catching the fireworks, or riding Space Mountain to the point of nausea, but one thing many Guests can agree on as a time-honored park tradition is meeting Disney’s fabulous collection of colorful characters.

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It takes a whole army of cast members to get the Disney parks up and running, but the ones who give life to the streets of Main Street USA, the jungles of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and more are the character performers. Although they are primarily seen with most young visitors to the Park, adults have also been known to get in on the act. After all, loving characters like Mickey Mouse and all his friends has no age limit. A recent Reddit post had many diehard fans confessing their love for Disney’s Meet and Greets, and many are grownups who are still very much in touch with their inner child.

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While the term “Disney Adult” often comes with a negative connotation given recent media, most adults willing to show their Disney side with the characters appear to have a much more wholesome approach. Even Guests well into their 30s and beyond are continuing to find magic in the Meet and Greets.

young girl hugs Cinderella at meet and greet at Disneyland
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u/joserlz admits their stance on the matter when they write,

“It is one of the most important things of every trip for me. I’m 34 almost 35 and I have such a good time with character photos, but I do skip them if the line is too long, unlike rides.”

To which u/kateyybeth concurs,

“35 year old checking in! The fluffier the character is, the more I want to meet them and give them a hug…”

Of course, these are just two opinions from obvious Disney fans, but what about some of the more skeptic visitors? Not everyone is so easily swayed by Disney’s magic, but there is a certain infectious nature to the character performers. Even some of the most “grown up” visitors have admitted to enjoying a few of their interactions.

u/chrisak admits,

“I don’t typically prioritize waiting in line for characters when it’s an adults only trip. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get a little thrill when I see them out and about. My husband and I enjoyed watching Chip & Dale’s antics on a green area at HS for quite some time.”

chip and dale animal kingdom
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It would appear that even some Guests still with a foot in the world of reality can’t help but fall under the Disney spell. Where some Guests simply give into the antics of Chip and Dale, however, there are others who get completely sucked in. A fine example would definitely be u/EricNCSU’s take on the subject.

“Yes. Adults should visit characters. The logical side of my brain says they are just actors, but when they are SO excited to see you, and notice things like the Mickey pin on your lanyard or your Chewbacca shirt, like that’s so much fun. Chewbacca noticed my Wookiee of the Year shirt and laughed. Took a picture, and as I started to walk away reach our for a hug like “nah, bring it in”…”

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At the end of the day, the character Meet and Greets represent a tried and true belief held by Walt Disney himself. Adults are just children in bigger bodies, and few things bring out that happy child side better than mixing and mingling with some of their favorite faces of the big and small screen. Whether that’s filling an autograph book or simply getting a hug from Mickey, there’s always time to stop and enjoy these interactive experiences.

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