Fights Overheard at Disneyland, From the Hilarious to the Shockingly Brutal

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Left: Guests physically fighting, which is against the Disneyland rules. Right: Sleeping Beauty castle as seen from the right side, with the moat visible on a blue-sky day.
As experts in themed entertainment coverage, we at Inside the Magic typically find ourselves writing about Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Star Wars, and exclusive special events. But much to Disney Parks fans’ surprise, we often cover violent incidents and arrests at The Happiest Places on Earth. As magical as they are, Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disney Resort, Shanghai Disney Resort, and Hong Kong Disney Resort aren’t exempt from the problems of the real world.
Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort recently added a “courtesy” policy to their Codes of Conduct, attempting to deal with increased violence at the Disney Parks. From a brawl at Magic Kingdom last summer to a drunken altercation at Disneyland Park in January, there simply aren’t enough Disney Cast Members to control Guests. Recently, Disney Parks fans on Reddit discussed fights they’d overheard at Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure, and Downtown Disney District, ranging from hilarious to devastating.

Public Breakups

guest with pluto california adventure
Credit: Disneyland Resort

Disneyland Park may be The Happiest Place on Earth, but you don’t drop your personal life at the door! They say you don’t know your partner until you travel together, especially on a stressful Disney vacation. Many Guests report witnessing breakups and relationship problems.

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End of a Long Day

Reddit user u/toujoursbeIle witnessed an exhausted couple at the end of their ropes after World of Color at Disney California Adventure. “We decided to go to the bathroom by Cocina Cucamonga,” they recalled. “There’s a bench near the entrance of the bathroom,m and there was a couple sitting there as I was walking past them to go in all I heard was ‘I think we need to talk about us.’”

A view of Pixar Pier at night, overlooking the lake.
Credit: Disney

Left Alone

After dumping his girlfriend on a trip together, one guy thought leaving his ex at The Happiest Place on Earth was a good idea.“ I overheard a girl on her phone who was crying asking someone to pick her up because her boyfriend dumped her at the park and left her to go on rides,” u/glssslipper wrote.

Chocolate Can’t Fix Everything

u/ResidingAt42 visited Disneyland Resort during the International Food and Wine Festival in 2019 but found themselves more immersed in a nearby conversation than their meal at Ghirardelli’s: “We overheard a couple going through a whole break-up. There were no voices raised and they looked liked they were having a normal conversation, but yep, it was a break-up. It was awkward so of course we stuck around for another 15mins before they left.”

Physical Altercations

oswald's california adventure
Credit: Disneyland Resort

A violent physical interaction is an easy way to catch a ban from Disneyland Resort. Violence is strictly prohibited, and a Disneyland Security worker will escort you out. Last year, a man with a brain injury was placed under arrest and charged with assault after instigating an altercation with two teenagers that jumped in front of him in line.

World of Color Viewing Spot

u/highly_uncertain was nearly the victim of physical assault when they asked another Guest to move her shopping bags so their kids could see World of Color at Disney California Adventure. “My husband asked a lady if she could move her shopping bags (because she had like 6 huge bags taking up enough room for 2 people) so our kid could stand in that spot to watch the light show,” the Guest recalled. “(I got to the spot like an hour early but her group were in front of us). She drunkenly was ready to physically fight my husband and her husband had to pull her back.”

World of Color - One, nighttime spectacular coming to Disney California Adventure
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Unfortunately, the incident ruined the show for the family: “It scared our kid and completely overshadowed our day. We lifted our kid up so she could see but ended up leaving like 5 minutes in because our kid was so freaked out.”

“it’s a small world”

A physical fight on board a celebration of love and culture that connects us all? It’s happened! u/gothams_angel witnessed a mother hitting her adult sons on “it’s a small world” after an unknown incident that divided the family. The mother was speaking in Tagalog, but the discomfort was evident.

A doll in a red German style dress.
Credit: Disney

“Get placed in a boat with a… family in the seat in front of me. Old lady and her 2 adult sons. Lady walks across and doesn’t even get on the boat,” the Guest recalled. “She stands right at the edge of the dock and is telling her sons to get out. A back and forth ensues and Cast Members try to convince her to either step back behind the safety line or get in the boat.”

“She finally gets convinced to get on the boat, but she sits on the back rest. The lady is arguing with her sons, and Cast Members for what feels like forever. At last! She sits properly on the boat and we take off,” the Guest continued. “The whole, slower than normal ride, she is arguing with her sons and even hits them a few times.”

it's a small world holiday
Credit: Disney

One of the sons tried to ignore her, but she continued hitting and scolding them. “The few sentences I heard her say in English were, ‘Don’t do that to me,’ ‘I did nothing wrong,’ ‘how could you.’ It was wild. I recorded some of it just incase it escalated, but luckily we got through the ride and I quickly left.”

Family Matters

We’re not talking about Steve Urkel, though some of these Guests could undoubtedly have their own ABC Sitcoms!

Mrs. Steal Your Man

A mom holds a little boy in front of Sleeping Beauty castle.
Credit: Disney

One Guest overheard the aftermath of a confrontation between two women at Disneyland Resort. “Had a [woman] pass by in line taking about how a woman on a ride was videoing her because she was seated next to the woman’s husband,” u/Merica-f*ckyeah wrote. “‘I said honey! I don’t want your fat husband. I got a fat husband of my own at home.’”

Exasperated Mom

“This is not a place to have fun,” one exhausted mother said to her antsy children climbing on things they weren’t supposed to at Disney California Adventure, according to u/Alanfromsocal.

A light tunnel in hyperspace mountain
Credit: Disney

Too Much Fun

“What do you mean you failed your drug test?!?!” u/cupcakejo87 overheard one family member say to another as they stood outside Space Mountain. “I’ve always wondered how the rest of that conversation went,” the Guest wrote.

Bubbled Out

As fun as Bubble Wands are, the five thousandth bubble in your face can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back during a hot, stressful day at the Disney Parks. And one mother had enough.

“Mom grabbed a kid’s bubble wand in a ride queue and firmly stated ‘You’re bubbling me out right now,’” u/Chumkinpie recalled.

Two Guests checking Disneyland App in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Lost Car

Disneyland Resort Parking Garages feel like another universe, especially at the end of a long day. “In the parking lot my husband and I heard a (not too serious) argument that culminated in, ‘this is the wrong garage, you dumb idiot!’” u/stellalunawitchbaby wrote. “They had lost the car.”

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Please note that the stories outlined in this article are based on personal Disney Parks Guest experiences. No two Guest experiences are alike, and this article does not necessarily align with Inside the Magic’s personal views on Disney Park operations.

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